9 photo stories that challenge your worldview

After the terrible shooting incident in Atlanta, calls for protecting Asian Americans from violence have increased. Many people have asked Americans to carefully examine themselves and the country’s violent history.We watched the violent protests and rallies against Asian Americans that had been warned of violence for months, and “F-Stop” magazine reviewed Gabriele Galimberti 2020 books Ameriguns. Nick Meyer Look at the tragedies of addiction, housing insecurity, and the decline of American small towns in his book local. One year after the pandemic, we asked the photographer who was also the mother about what they learned and how they coped.

Ten years after the Fukushima nuclear disaster, Sam Clark Wrote an insightful photographic work focusing on the discovered photographic works from residents of the area rather than professional photographers.Call it romanticism or idealism, but Ondrej?echvala He left his hometown and went to live on an old farm in northern Slovakia. The National History Museum in London saw a female wildlife photographer, Erica Génécé Photograph a stylized dancer, which looks like a sculpture in her image.

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