Just One Dime reaches 100 million in annual Amazon managed revenue

Austin, TX, United States, 03/19/2021 / Just One Dime /

Just One Dime began with 10 cents and today manages over $100 million in annual Amazon revenue. “I just needed to double it 20 times,” says Just One Dime CEO, Seth Kniep, to reach my first goal of $100,000.” Five years later, Just One Dime is training Amazon sellers in over 150 countries and manages over 100 million in annual Amazon revenue.

Just One Dime believes Amazon is the prime cash-flow opportunity for the new entrepreneur or the passive investor.

“For all retail sales in the last 12 months in the US alone,” shares Seth, “14.3% of those were online.” This is unprecedented in the history of the world as we know it. According to Just One Dime, we stand at the cusp of the most massive movement of wealth ever seen. Even economists are scratching their heads.

“Let me put it this way,” says Seth, “Five years from now, I am convinced that some of the wealthiest people on the planet will be owners of Amazon stores. The key to making wealth is putting yourself in the right place at the right time. Now is that time.”

Just One Dime builds Amazon stores for people with capital

Selling on Amazon is hard. Building a business is hard. Most newbie-preneurs underestimate the rigor needed to build a successful online business.

Just One Dime understands this because they’ve made the mistakes. They’ve failed and retried and failed again until today they manage over 100 million in annual Amazon revenue.

A lot of people with capital want to take advantage of the fact that Amazon accounts for almost 50% of all online sales.

So Just One Dime found a way. Instead of the investor taking the time and hassle to learn how to build an Amazon business, Just One Dime builds the business for them. The investor pays an up-front service fee as well as funds the products while Just One Dime does all the work. Just One Dime uses a sliding scale revenue share model so that Just One Dime only makes money if the investor makes as much or more than Just One Dime does on every sale.

Just One Dime is building the Amazon Store for various investors

After doing a deep dive on the market and numbers, Just One Dime jumped in. This never would have happened if Just One Dime remained a one-man show. In order to scale, Just One Dime’s CEO, Seth Kniep, had to hire a world-class team. “I, the CEO, am Just One Dime’s greatest bottleneck,” Seth shares. “The only way to open this up is by hiring great people who specialize in their area of expertise. When it comes to working with great people, 1+1 is not 2 but more like 3.5 or more. No one is an expert at everything. To scale, you need people. Good people. We now have three teams building out Amazon businesses for investors.”

Just One Dime’s goals for the future

Seth knows he could walk away and retire on a beach with his wife and be lazy the rest of his days. “But I think that would kill me,” shares Seth. “Just One Dime is not just a business. It’s a legacy. It’s a way of life. And it’s changing lives.” Last month one of Just One Dime’s students reached $16 million in his last 12 months selling on Amazon at 42% profit margin. And instead of checking out, he’s now mentoring others to get there too. “This motivates me like nothing on planet earth,” says Seth. “And it all began with a single dime. If I can do it, so can others.”

Just One Dime can be contacted at the address and number at the end of the page. Please, feel free to contact them should you need further information.

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