Amazon care is important-here’s why

Rumors about Amazon’s entry into the virtual primary care field have been circulating for some time.Reports indicate that Amazon has Submit paperwork quietly Provides virtual and face-to-face care in several states.

Now, Amazon has now become all-out and has Confirm that the service will be provided nationwide Beginning in the summer of 2021, an Amazon spokesperson confirmed that the service will be provided through Care Medical, an independent private medical institution composed of licensed clinicians and contracted with Amazon to become Amazon Care’s clinical team.

Now, for the first time, Amazon Care products incorporate large technology companies directly into the healthcare service business. It is worth noting that there are three key aspects of Amazon Care:

  • This product addresses two major emerging trends in healthcare delivery: telemedicine and home care. In addition to documents operating Amazon Care in multiple states, Amazon also announced its participation in home healthcare advocacy organizations in early March. Mobile health at home Designed to promote home-based care, this trend is already playing a role in remote patient monitoring models for long-term care and post-acute care management.
  • This product is for employers. “By providing Amazon Care as a workplace benefit, employers are investing in their most important asset: the health and well-being of employees.” Amazon has realized the pain points that employers are suffering from skyrocketing health care costs. Meeting this demand will make Amazon Care look attractive to certain employers. Employers are eager to find alternatives to the current state anyway, so why not choose Amazon Care?
  • It raises the performance standards of incumbent companies. “Amazon Care enables employers to provide employees with high-quality medical services within 60 seconds, including the option of providing care around the clock via message or video.” Amazon Prime, which can be regarded as a steroid, is delivered the same day. Amazon correctly identified a key gap in today’s telemedicine experience: access to medical professionals in 60 seconds or less. Amazon Care eliminates long waiting time and travel time to see a doctor, and provides rapid care in the comfort of patients’ homes 24/7 and 365 days a year. What do you dislike?

Amazon Nursing Services combines the best parts of virtual care with a new face-to-face care approach, bringing clinicians directly to patients’ homes. As the momentum of working from home increases, employers seeking to keep today’s busy workforce healthy may find that Amazon Care provides them with an attractive combination of speed, convenience, and peace of mind.

So far, Amazon has not angered the market with its healthcare plan-unless it raises concerns when announcing healthcare notifications.The Highly Concerned Safe Harbor Healthcare Plan Folded earlier this year.

This Pill acquisitionThe company pioneered a novel way of delivering prescription drugs to homes, but it did not disrupt the retail or distribution business of the pharmaceutical industry, and it remains a niche market for large programs.

Amazon continues to experiment with new promising technologies, such as voice-based technologies Alexa service.

It announced various other initiatives, such as Aura wearable For health and Amazon Health Lake Data management products. One exception is AWS, which is a towering giant that seems to be everywhere and has dominated the cloud computing market for the past few years.

It turns out that because of people’s deep-rooted interests, healthcare is difficult to interrupt. In other words, entrenched players in other fields have experienced disruption before-media, hotels, and personal transportation.

As digital-first companies expand their coverage in primary and urgent care, and consumers become more satisfied with the delivery of virtual care after the pandemic, the healthcare industry is already on the edge.

More importantly, the US healthcare system, the most expensive in the world, needs a new approach. The US$3 trillion US healthcare market provides enough space for innovators and incumbents. Competition and innovation can reduce costs and improve quality in all industries.

Medical care is in the early stages of transitioning to a brand-new nursing model. If Amazon is the one to achieve the major breakthrough we have been waiting for, so be it. Someone must do something.

Amazon has a history of establishing experiments, it can learn from the first failure case, and continue to work hard until it succeeds. So far, from the knowledge learned from their healthcare bets, will the overall scale now be greater than the sum of Amazon Care?

Paddy Padmanabhan (Paddy Padmanabhan) is ” Digital transformation of healthcare – how consumerism, technology and epidemics can accelerate the future. He is the founder and CEO of Damo Consulting.

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