Stephanie  00:01

I have a 14-year old son. He is actually allergic to all over-the-counter pain medicine. Tylenol, ibuprofen, aspirin, all of it. 

Vadim  00:13

He’s allergic to them?

Stephanie  00:01

Yeah, it’s a thing. Told a lot of doctors to believe me. I’m like, “No, really.” And he goes into epileptic shock. So it’s not just like, “Oh, he gets hives,” it’s emergency room, EpiPens.

Vadim  00:25

What is that from? 

Stephanie  00:26

No idea? You know, his body just doesn’t like it. So it’s always been tough for me because if he has a headache or growing pains, and I mean, you know, we call him Stretch, you know, we’re literally going through pants every three months because he’s growing so fast. And now I can give him the CBD gummies because he doesn’t swallow pills and it helps him. So that’s just somebody that there was no other option, you know. Western medicine didn’t have anything, you know. So if he went in for surgery, you know, all we could give him was morphine, which is really not a valid option for obviously something minor. So, just for me as a mom to be able to give him something and have him more comfortable, it’s huge.

Vadim  01:18

All right. And we are back in class. This is Vadim, the CBD professor from cbdschool.com: Your school to learn all about cannabidiol. Hey, everyone, it’s Vadim, the CBD professor here, and I want to remind you that Joy Organics is having their biggest sale of the year. Joy Day is what it’s called. And that is on February the 18th of this month. So I just want to remind you again, it’s the biggest sale of the year, it’s bigger than their Black Friday sale. I can’t tell you the discount, but it is a significant one. So I do encourage you to check out  joyorganics.com on February 18. Thanks for listening and enjoy the show. On today’s episode of the podcast, I am joined by my friend and fellow CBD enthusiast, Stephanie, who is the affiliate manager at Joy Organics. So Stephanie, welcome to the show.

Stephanie  02:30

Thank you so much for having me. I’m really excited to be here.

Vadim  02:34

Yes. And where are you calling in from?

Stephanie  02:36

I’m actually calling in from Boise, Idaho. I work remotely. Joy Organics is located in Fort Collins, Colorado. So I’m looking at snow. I have a feeling you’re not.

Vadim  02:48

No, I’m not. I’m looking at the blue sky and sunny and a lot of green plants here.

Stephanie  02:55

Sure, rub it in.

Vadim  02:58

But I used to live in Boise and that’s a nice place to live too.

Stephanie  03:02

It’s a beautiful, beautiful city.

Vadim  03:05

And how long have you been working with Joy Organics?

Stephanie  03:08

I’ve been working with Joy Organics for about a year and a half since they launched. Started off with a B2C ecommerce and a store in Fort Collins. And then we have grown with, I think, three or four stores. One in Austin, one in Wichita and then of course the one in Fort Collins. And then we’ve also grown our wholesale and private label partnerships.

Vadim  03:31

That’s great. So I didn’t even know that we had that many stores. I only knew about the ones in Colorado. 

Stephanie  03:38

Oh, yes. So one of the daughters of the owners lives in Austin. So that’s how we ended up with an Austin store. And then there was an interest for one in Wichita, Kansas. So we have one there as well. That just recently launched. 

About Joy Organics

Vadim  03:51

Cool, cool. So you and I have been working together for it seems like about a year and a half. I started with Joy Organics in August of 2018. And I’ve always appreciated their approach. I did a podcast with Joy, the owner, but for people that don’t know, why is it called Joy Organics? Who is Joy? What is their backstory? 

Stephanie  04:15

Absolutely. And just so you know, Vadim, you were my first affiliate, so you absolutely started when I started. 

Vadim  04:20

Okay. Cool.

Stephanie  04:21

So Joy Organics is named after our CEO, which is Joy Smith. Joy Organics is a family-owned business. So the CEO is Joy who is the matriarch of the company and of the family. Her husband is Todd and he heads up partnerships. And the CMO is their son and the head of PR is their daughter, and then of course we have the Austin owner which is another daughter so it’s pretty awesome. It’s a small company, family-run, with a core value of passion, which really leads Joy Organics in all of its efforts, whether it’s marketing or product formulation or even just getting products and sharing profits.

Vadim  05:09

Yes, I’ve always noticed that about them. And they are the only brand I know that has so many family members involved. It’s just very cool. We have them listed on CBD School as a brand with what we think are the best ingredients. Can you talk about that? And how at the time they take for the formulations when they’re making the products? 

Stephanie  05:31

Absolutely. And I would say 2020, we have even been honing in more on our ingredients, of focusing more on certified organic ingredients. And not that we are in Whole Foods, but we create all our formulations with the idea that they need to be Whole Foods’ standards, they need to meet those same standards, because we figure Whole Foods knows what they’re doing as far as quality ingredients. So if we stay within their standards, we’re going to be doing well. So we really focus on organic vegan whenever possible and organic whenever possible.

Vadim  06:05

That’s great. And did the CBD come from Colorado? Is that all hemp that’s grown there?

Stephanie  06:10

I think this time, we have pretty diverse hemp. It’s all US grown. And it’s all organically grown. We used to be primarily, and I believe we still are primarily Colorado. But we have diversified so that now that we’ve gotten bigger, we don’t want to be quite so dependent on one environment, which can be crucial when it comes to farming anything.

Vadim  06:30

Yes, yes. And that makes sense that they’re using different sources because I’m sure the company has outgrown maybe their original provider.

Stephanie  06:40

Yes. And you know, there’s a lot of diversification and looking for the best quality consistent ingredients that we can find, that is going to be able to pass our stringent lab testing. So as you know, we test ingredients and the product as a whole. We test beyond potency. But we also test, you know, for pesticides and heavy metals. I’m pretty sure we have the most extensive testing in the industry. But I can’t say that verbatim.

Testing Beyond Potency

Vadim  07:10

Well, tell me about that. What goes into the testing? And why do you think that is? Because this podcast is listened to by a good mix of consumers and CBD entrepreneurs. So they’re both going to be interested in what is it that makes their testing so high quality and so detailed?

Stephanie  07:30

I mean, for one, as I mentioned, we test beyond potency. So a lot of people do lab or a lot of companies will do lab testing but they’ll only test the potency of the CBD. Whereas we’re testing all components and ingredients. We also test every single batch. So even if nothing has changed, and all our ingredients are being outsourced from the exact same locations, they still go through the same stringent testing. So if you ever see a product out of stock, 9 times out of 10, it’s because something came back not meeting our requirements, and we won’t share anything on our store that does not meet our requirements and expectations of our customers.

Vadim  08:09

That’s a fantastic approach. So if something would test beyond the level that’s allowable, and well, actually, are they using — because different states, I understand, for cannabis products that I don’t really even know if there’s no standards yet for CBD? I don’t think but there’s different levels. Did they use the Colorado guidelines or what guidelines do they use?

Stephanie  08:34

I believe they use the Colorado guidelines. But I can double check that for you so that we can add that to our notes.

Vadim  08:40

Yes, that’s fine. And so they’re testing every batch. That’s really good. And the fact that they will pull a product is also very good and I think commendable. And because there’s too many products out there where you’re just kind of unsure of that.

Stephanie  08:55

I mean, a lot of times a company will test the first batch, but then when they go to reorder, they’re not testing and it’s been our experience that it can change, you know, based on each order.

Vadim  09:07

Are they doing the product manufacturing all in one place? Or is it also from different sources?

Stephanie  09:13

It’s also from different sources as we’ve gotten bigger, but then also we work with different manufacturers that specialize in different product creations to make sure that we’re getting the best product for our customers.

Popular Joy Organics CBD Products

Vadim  09:26

Yes. For example, like the new gummies that were launched, they sort of have been redone from the old version?

Stephanie  09:32

Yes, I mean, the old version of the gummies, you know, they were incredibly clean. They were only sweetened with apple juice, which for someone like me where I’m a little crunchy, you know, it didn’t bother me, but for some people that are used to kind of the more traditional gummies, they found it a little tough to swallow. So these gummies are sweeter, they’re still all-natural ingredients. The only difference is they have a little bit of coating of organic cane sugar. So nothing artificial,no artificial sweeteners but just a little something to make it a little more tasty. And we have the strawberry lemonade now as well as the orchard apple.

Vadim  10:10

Oh, that sounds good. Which one has been more popular, do you know?

Stephanie  10:13

I believe the winner so far is strawberry lemonade.

Vadim  10:18


Stephanie  10:19

Thanks to having a 12-year old, I keep calling pink lemonade, so I have to catch myself there.

Vadim  10:23

Yes, yes. And what other products would you say are the most popular from Joy Organics?

Stephanie  10:28

Like most CBD companies, I believe the stat is 46% of the people who use CBD preferred tinctures. So tincture is still our number one. We just launched the gummies. So it’s kind of yet to be seen as far as where they’re gonna fall at the end of the month. We think it’s either going to be number one or number two. But at this point, we’re just kind of making assumptions based on what we see in the market. So you know, a couple years back in the Google searches, CBD gummies was the number three searched in all Google foods. So there’s obviously a high demand for it. 

Vadim  11:03


Stephanie  11:04

And then the CBD soft gels is the next in line for that.

Vadim  11:07

Okay. I think one thing I like a lot or I know I like a lot about Joy is that there is a money back guarantee. Do you find that a lot of people use that and how does that work exactly if somebody was unhappy and they wanted their money back?

Stephanie  11:21

We have 30-day no questions asked money-back-guarantee, even if they were just like, “Hey, it didn’t work for me” or “I just didn’t like it”, you know, they don’t even have to give us a reason. So we get very few people who actually do that. In fact, more than half of our customers repurchase. 

Vadim  11:40


Stephanie  11:40

So I think that goes to show the quality of the product. And, you know, one thing we really stand behind is making sure that the hemp, you know, is a consistent strain so people are getting consistent results.

Vadim  11:49

I think it’s quite commendable that they offer that. Because for some people, it just doesn’t work, you know. I mean, it works remarkably for other people but for others, they have too high of an expectation from it or their condition doesn’t react to CBD effectively.

Stephanie  12:09

Right. Or they don’t want to, you know, kind of mess with it and find the right serving for them. As you know, it’s just like anything else, you know. For one person, one serving is good. And for another person, they need to, like, I know I double up on my CBD soft gels and melatonin because I’m a tough nut to crack when it comes to sleep. Whereas my friend can take one and be out cold. 

Vadim  12:32

Is that one of the main things you use it for?

Stephanie  12:36

For me, personally? Yeah, I like the CBD soft gels with melatonin for sleep. And then I’m kind of in love with the CBD cream. But that’s because I’m doing a burpee challenge and my muscles are a little bit sore on that. So that really helps for working out soreness and things of that nature. 

Vadim  13:01

Oh, what’s the burpee challenge? How many you have to do a day?

Stephanie  13:00

100 a day. 

Vadim  13:01

Okay. I don’t think I know what a burpee is. I always thought it was kind of dumb, but it sounds… I mean, I think it was hard to do. That’s why I didn’t like it. So maybe that’s why.

Stephanie  13:13

Yeah, it’s a love-hate, I would say.

Vadim  13:16

Oh, okay. It’s like when you go and do the squat and then a…

Stephanie  13:13

A push up. And then a squat and then a jump. 

Vadim  13:24

Okay. No, that’s definitely hard to do a 100. 

Stephanie  13:26

Yeah. So my shoulders and arms are a little bit sore. So I’ve been putting on the CBD cream twice a day and then if I choose to go skiing after leg day, then I absolutely pull out our new bath bombs because those are amazing.

Vadim  13:44

Yes. Do you go skiing up at Bogus? 

Stephanie  13:47

Yes, yes. 

Vadim  13:48

I remember that. I biked to the top and down and I just loved that it was challenging but the way down is so fun.

Stephanie  13:56

I bet. Well, then you can take the ski lift up during the summer with your bike too which is pretty fun. 

Vadim  14:02

Oh, I didn’t do that  I did it in the spring but it was cool to start at the bottom, and by the time at the top, it was like the temperature was different and a beautiful view. I love doing that. 

Stephanie  14:13

It’s a great place to hike during the summertime when it’s hot in the valley. I don’t want to go these two months because they’re full. 

Vadim  14:21

It is full, right, from a lot of California people transplants?

Stephanie  14:26

I’m just kidding. I’m one of them. I can only say so much.

Vadim  14:31

Oh, you moved there from California? 

Stephanie  14:33

Yeah, from San Diego. 

Vadim  14:34

Wow. You grew up in San Diego for Boise. You really want to avoid taxes or something.

Stephanie  14:40

No, we just fell in love with Boise. We’re outdoor people and this is the place for us. We just fit in better here.

Vadim  14:48

Did you like living in San Diego too?

Stephanie  14:50

Yeah, I mean, San Diego is beautiful too. 

Vadim  14:53

Yes, yes.

Stephanie  14:55

But obviously, I prefer Boise.

Vadim  14:57

I had a great time there. I’m trying to think of the other ski resort I drove to. It’s a bit like two to three hours away. I think it starts with a B. Brundage?

Stephanie  15:06

Oh, Brundage. Yeah. Brundage and Tamarack Resort are the next two closest ones. And then Sun Valley.

Vadim  15:12

Yes, Sun Valley. Brundage, that was nice. How are the laws there? I remember it was always kind of a challenge for CBD there.

Stephanie  15:19

Yeah, we are THC-free, but it’s surprising that there are actually quite a few CBD shops popping up. I mean, all of it is THC-free, but popping up in the Treasure Valley area. I kind of thought that we would be later to that market. But we actually have exclusive CBD stores. It used to just be, like, you could get it at a spa or, you know, naturopath, but now we actually have CBD stores. So if it’s THC-free, it’s allowed at Boise or Idaho doesn’t allow even 0.03% THC.

Vadim  15:52

Okay. So they’re fine with it if it’s a THC-free product.

Stephanie  15:55

Yeah, if it’s THC-free, to the best of my knowledge as of now, it’s accessible to all 50 states.

Vadim  16:02

And I’ve never seen this happen. But I still get people from time to time that claim that they took a broad-spectrum product and they had a drug test and they came up positive. Have you ever heard of that happening with Joy Organics?

Stephanie  16:17

We have no experience with that. You know, I’ve definitely heard of it happening with the full-spectrum where it’s like 0.03% that can build up to show up at it on a drug test. But I have not officially heard of it happening with a broad-spectrum. It would almost make me wonder if maybe it wasn’t a full like true broad-spectrum oil that person was taking

Vadim  16:38

Of course it’s hard to know if they were using something else that would make the — yeah, yeah. This is just comments people write.

Stephanie  16:46


Vadim  16:46

 Like I don’t, you know, I’m not watching them 24/7 to see what they’re doing. 

Stephanie  16:49

Well, you know, I mean, it’s tough because the industry is so new. You know, it’s a personal risk that somebody has to decide whether or not they want to make that risk. All I can say is that we’ve never had anybody report back and say, “Oh, we’ve had a drug test that came back positive because of your products.” I mean, could it have happened and they didn’t tell us? I mean, I suppose so. But usually people are pretty vocal if something like that goes down.

Vadim  17:17

Yeah, that’s for sure. Hey, everyone, I hope you are enjoying this episode of the CBD School Podcast and learning more about the great products at Joy Organics. If you want to take advantage of their biggest sale of the year, I remind you to check them out on February 18, where you can take advantage of the Joy Day sale. It’s their biggest sale of the year, it’s even bigger than their Black Friday sale and it happens only on February 18, which is Joy Day. Make sure to check them out at joyorganics.com. 

Joy Organics Affiliate Program

Tell us about the affiliate program. You have one of the most active approaches to that where you’re always connecting with us, me being CBD School being an affiliate. Can new people join us there? Are they still open to new affiliates?

Stephanie  18:10

Yeah, absolutely. We do have a minimum requirement of at least 5000 followers on health and wellness or CBD focused sites or 1000 followers on social media in the same niche. The only reason we do that is because that was kind of the threshold that I determined for somebody to be successful. And I don’t want anyone in the program who’s going to get frustrated because they simply don’t have enough of a following to make solid commissions. But we are absolutely accepting new affiliates. You don’t have to be the size of CBD School to be a solid affiliate. And we don’t have any minimums once you’re in the program. And you know, one of our missions is to get CBD to as many people as possible. Because Joy had such an amazing experience, as you know, we’ve had many customer testimonials, where we’ve seen the good that CBD can do. And we really want to make sure that we can get it out to as many people as possible and affiliates are a huge part of that strategy. Because programs like yours and sites like yours, where educating people and sharing knowledge, you know, it’s so crucial, especially since we’re still in really the infancy of this industry. And there’s a lot of misinformation out there, myths. A lot of people are looking for quality information.

Vadim  19:31

There’re a lot of people that are confused because they never imagined themselves using a product that was related to cannabis in any way and they kind of associate CBD probably with, I mean, the only reference point they have is the marijuana and they have all kinds of associations and biases towards that, which is understandable. And then there’s the other side where people think anything related to cannabis is good for you. So, you know, there’s all different kinds of people. 

Stephanie  20:00

It’s not the cure all, right? Like, you know, I mean, you know, my husband would tease me. You know,“you look around and it’s like, you know, “Oh, you have a hangnail, CBD will cure that,” you know. It can get a little bit crazy, but there’s still just so many amazing stories out there of what it does for our overall health and wellness. And then of course, you know, we have a lot of amazing customer stories of how it’s helped them in their day to day lives. You know, that’s the core of what keeps us going. You know, I think I’ve already mentioned that as far as our company values, compassion is number one, integrity is number two. So those are two things that we hang our hat on. We really just want to help as many people as possible, whether that’s through CBD or through our monthly nonprofit donations. We really want to make the world a better place. And that that probably comes off a little cheesy.

Vadim  20:52

No, I don’t think so.

Stephanie  20:53

And maybe it comes off like that’s marketing, but if you talk to anyone in this company, I think you will understand quickly, that’s who we are, that’s who they hire. You know, whether it’s customer service fulfillment, product formulation, or you know, the affiliate manager.

Vadim  21:08

Yes. And off the top of your head, any stories that come to mind, super success stories from customers with using the product. 

Stephanie  21:18

So this is always a tough one. Because, you know, as a brand, we have to be super careful about not using testimonials that could potentially be perceived as a medical claim. So I swear I’ve got like the lawyer on my shoulder right now going, “Stephanie, don’t say anything.” You can definitely look at any of the reviews on our sites that we actually aren’t allowed to have any testimonials that talk about that. One example that I believe we still have a video up is the amazing transformation of actually our warehouse manager and how he actually was a customer before he was an employee. And it completely changed his life, you know, going from someone that was regularly in pain to having a more comfortable everyday life. So there’s definitely a lot of success stories. But I said, I kind of have to, unfortunately, dance around that because of FTC and FDA guidelines.

Vadim  22:11

Yes. No, I understand that the testimonials are considered scrutinized. So I completely understand that. But certainly, I’m sure —

Stephanie  22:10

That’s why it’s so great to have educational sites like yours, because you can share that whereas the brands are not allowed to.

What the Future Holds?

Vadim  22:27

Yeah, exactly, exactly. And what do you think the future holds for CBD?

Stephanie  22:32

Obviously, I don’t think it’s going away. I think that we are going to see a lot larger scientific studies, which is really what the industry is missing. And while there’s some trepidation about the FDA getting involved, I think it’s really gonna bring more, it’s gonna legitimize CBD because we are going to be getting the funding to do the scientific resources to back up what these smaller studies have already been showing.

Vadim  22:59

Exactly. There’s still so much research that hasn’t been done, that is really missing.

Stephanie  23:05

Because it was illegal for so long, you know.

Vadim  23:10


Stephanie  23:10

Think about the Farm Bill. That was what? A year. Has it even been a year?

Vadim  23:14

Just a little bit over a year, yep.

Stephanie  23:17

That the farmers have gotten the green light nationally. 

Vadim  23:21

Exactly. I think there’s a lot of human based, like surveys to be done, where people are giving their insights on what they’re using it for. Not necessarily testimonials, but just specific applications they’re using it for

Stephanie  23:33

Yeah, absolutely. I mean, you see a lot of, you know, we hear a lot of amazing stories about it helping with moods and nervousness, a lot of people getting a better night’s sleep. There’s a lot of people who deal with daily pain that are now more comfortable. So I think the success stories are amazing. I think once that’s combined with these larger scale studies, we’re really gonna see western and eastern, you know, kind of combining there with CBD. I mean, I’m already hearing stories about doctors saying, they even say it to me, you know, ”Are you using CBD?” And I was like, “Oh my gosh. At a doctor’s office, really? Like this is cool.” Like they’re actually recommending it now. Of course, it’s depending each doctor and condition.

Vadim  24:18

That’s great. I do know the doctors that are using it as well. Mostly alternative, like chiropractors. So I guess some people say they’re not doctors, but whatever. I have heard of doctors even — now that I think of it, actually, regular physicians offering it. So it’s true. You know, they’re open to it, because it’s a better alternative in some ways than something that’s going to have a bunch of side effects for people.

Stephanie  24:42

Well, and I think especially as this country is going through the opioid crisis, you know, we’re really looking for your nonaddictive alternative to help people who are in pain on a regular basis.

Vadim  24:53

Exactly, exactly. 

Stephanie’s CBD Success Story

Stephanie  24:54

You know, so here’s one success story that I can tell because it’s my success story. It is that I have a 14-year old son. He is actually allergic to all over-the-counter pain medicine. Tylenol, ibuprofen, aspirin, all of it. 

Vadim  25:09

He’s allergic to them?

Stephanie  25:11

Yeah, it’s a thing. Told a lot of doctors to believe me. I’m like, “No, really.” And he goes into epileptic shock. So it’s not just like, “Oh, he gets hives,” it’s emergency room, EpiPens.

Vadim  25:22

What is that from? 

Stephanie  25:23

No idea? You know, his body just doesn’t like it. So it’s always been tough for me because if he has a headache or growing pains, and I mean, you know, we call him Stretch, you know, we’re literally going through pants every three months because he’s growing so fast. And now I can give him the CBD gummies because he doesn’t swallow pills and it helps him. So that’s just somebody that there was no other option, you know. Western medicine didn’t have anything, you know. So if he went in for surgery, you know, all we could give him was morphine, which is really not a valid option for obviously something minor. So, just for me as a mom to be able to give him something and have him more comfortable, it’s huge.

Vadim  26:07

What product does he use?

Stephanie  26:08

He uses CBD gummies, the strawberry lemonade gummies, because he doesn’t like to swallow pills. 

Vadim  26:14


Stephanie  26:15

What I learned is more than half Americans don’t like to swallow pills. I had no idea.

Vadim  26:20

I didn’t either. 

Stephanie  26:20

I thought my son is just a challenging one because my daughter doesn’t.

Vadim  26:23

Yeah, I used to be terrified, when I was a kid, of it. And then once I learned how to do it, it was a triumphant kind of thing. But I am surprised that many people hated that much. So those gummies are right up their alley then.

Stephanie  26:37

Yeah. I think that’s why people, you know, gravitate towards that being a top, and then I think it’s just a little more comfortable than maybe even the tinctures just because that’s not how we normally take supplements.

Vadim  26:49

You mean the tincture?

Stephanie  26:51


Vadim  26:51

That’s true. That’s not super common in the supplement world. But it seems like people like it, and what flavors does Joy have? I know you have the peppermint for the tinctures. 

Stephanie  27:02

We have the mint and we have the orange and we have the lemon and then we have the natural.

Vadim  27:06

Okay, okay. And the natural is going to be like —

Stephanie  27:10

I personally like them.

Vadim  27:10


Stephanie  27:11

The natural is for those that aren’t afraid of a more hempy “taste”. For people like that — me, that will do a shot of wheatgrass and not blink at it.

Vadim  27:21

Right, right. I’m with you. I don’t mind that flavor. But I can see people not liking it as well. Cool. Well —

Stephanie  27:28

I mean, especially, if they’re putting it at drinks or anything of that nature, you know, you don’t want to kind of mess with the flavor. 

Joy Day Sale: Bigger Than Black Friday

Vadim  27:35

Yeah, yeah. Which a lot of people do.  Exactly. So does Joy have any big sales coming up for people that are new, that want to try it and maybe just want some waiting for an opportunity to get it at a discount or something like that?

Stephanie  27:48

Well, I mean, of course, you as one of our top affiliates always gets the sales ahead of time. So your followers always find out the sales through your email list. I always recommend people sign up for that. And we do have our biggest sale of the year, which is Joy Day. That’s our CEO’s birthday. And it’s February 18th. I can’t say what the discount is. But I can tell you, it’s bigger than our Black Friday. And what’s also cool about it is we’re going to be donating $4.88 cents to Uganda schools for every product that’s purchased. So not every order, but actually every individual product. 

Vadim  28:28


Stephanie  27:29

So it is our biggest give back and it’s also our biggest sale. We’re not looking to make a profit that day; we’re just looking to give back to this amazing community and to give back to one of Joy’s nonprofits that she’s most passionate about.

Vadim  28:43

What makes the number 488. What’s that? 

Stephanie  28:46

My goodness, I don’t know why 488. I have to find out and get back to you.

Vadim  28:50

No, that’s all right. 

Stephanie  28:52

Which is funny, because that’s on my list of questions, like, why 488? You know, but I don’t know what’s special about that number.

Vadim  28:59

That’s cool. Well, we’ll look forward to hearing about that. And do you know if they’re going to release it later, like how many products were sold and how much was donated?

Stephanie  29:07

We absolutely share all that information. And a lot of times we’ll even do kind of updates throughout the day just because people get so excited to see it. So if you follow the Joy Organic’s Facebook page, you will definitely see how many donations were provided as a result of the sale.

Wrap-up and Contact Information

Vadim  29:26

That’s awesome. That is cool. Well, Stephanie, thank you so much for coming on today and teaching us more about Joy Organics and what you do there. How can people get in touch with you if they want to either be an affiliate or learn more about Joy Organics?

Stephanie  29:44

As far as the affiliates, I would go to joyorganics.com/affiliates. That has all the program information and links as well as a link to my email and feel free to reach out. As Vadim will say, I’m very accessible. 

Vadim  29:57

Yes, yes. 

Stephanie  29:44

And then Joy Organics, the site, has a lot of really great information. We have a blog that not only focuses on CBD, but also health and wellness in general, like meditation and other ways to just be your best version of yourself. So that’s a great resource as well as our social media. Thanks for having me and I welcome the opportunity to speak to your audience anytime and you for that matter.

Vadim  30:24

Hey, everyone. I hope you enjoyed this latest episode of the CBD School Podcast. I just want to remind you one last time to make sure you visit joyorganics.com on February the 18th to take advantage of their biggest sale of the year. Everything will be on sale and it will be the highest percentage sale that they ever do. It will be even better than Black Friday. And it is for a good cause because they are donating $4.88 cents for every single product sold to one of their charities in Uganda. So make sure to visit joyorganics.com on February 18 to take advantage of Joy Day. Thanks for listening today. And until next time, this is Vadim, the CBD professor from cbdschool.com, signing out. Thanks for listening. Bye for now.



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