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The famous statistician RA Fisher, got canceled Cambridge University works, and a beautiful stained glass window

Bari Weiss has A great paper It depends on the development of the elite middle school, but includes the first traces of secret resistance. The coverage is as follows.

This New York Times Allow Brett Stephens to be Criticism of California’s ethnic studies stupidity. The following is a short excerpt. Others criticized the course more effectively, but the source of the information makes this compelling.

A group of brave University of Chicago students founded the “Chicago Thinker“A well-made news site dedicated to “defending the views of conservatives and liberals in communities that are increasingly intolerant of such voices.”

This Academic Freedom League The initiation is not only to discuss and publicize the review system, but also to provide specific and even legal assistance to the target group. Take some time to browse the website. We need not only a voice, but also civil society institutions to defend freedom of speech and ideas. This is a great initiative.It adds Educational Personal Rights Foundation (Fire) and Hybrid Academy


Bari Weiss (I have reordered many paragraphs by topic) What is it like in special schools these days?

The English teacher at Harvard University Westlake welcomes students back after the summer vacation: “I am a white man of European descent. I use [ she | her ] Pronouns, but also very comfortable to use [ they | them ] pronoun. “She quoted Audre Lorde in a “self-care letter”: “Taking care of yourself is not self-indulgence, but self-protection. This is an act of political warfare. “

“We don’t call them Newton’s laws anymore,” a senior student at the school told me. “We call them the three basic laws of physics. They say that we need to “off-center whiteness” and we need to admit that physics is not just Newton.”

One of her classmates said that he tried to take a “fact class, not an identity class.” However, it is becoming more and more difficult to distinguish between the two. “I have mastered American history. When you understand American history, I think maybe you can organize it by time period or what happened during each president. We tracked different marginal groups. That’s its structure. I’m here I have only heard the names of a few principals in class.

As early as the 1970s, I chose the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and majored in physics, partly because I learned that in the humanities and social sciences, my grading mainly depends on whether I am willing to abandon the professor’s political views. As a developing liberal, he is trying to solve important problems, so I cannot remain silent. I left. Add changes, but the situation gets worse. Obviously, physics is no longer hidden.

“They replaced all the books without any input, and didn’t even notify the parents.” The course no longer includes classics such as “The Scarlet Letter”, “Little Women”, “Killing a Mockingbird” and “Lord of the Flies”. New books include: Stamped, dear Martin, dear Justice and Yaqui Delgado want to kick your ass.

At Grace Mission School, elders can take a course called “Allies: Why?” WHO? how is it? The course includes a magazine called “Non-associate Magazine”, which declares that “associate’s work in the anti-colonial struggle is to attack the structure and ideas of the colony”, and a photo of a burning police car…

A teacher told me that he was asked to teach anti-racism courses, which included the “pyramid” of white supremacy. The crime of genocide is among the top. At the bottom is “two aspects of each story”.

He said: “Every story has two aspects.” “That’s on the racist pyramid.”

Sadly instilled into the lower grades. Barry captured the voices of young children well:

Consider this story. From Chapin, an all-around girls’ school in the Tony Girls’ School on the Upper East Side, a low-grade white girl came home one day and told her father: “All light-skinned people don’t like darker-skinned ones. People. Skin, it’s despicable to them.” When she explained that it was her teacher taught her, he was shocked. “I said to her: This is not how we feel in this family.”

I hope he adds: “Shhh, don’t tell the teacher, I told you.” After that,

Mother gives Four years old…Painting with her daughter, the daughter said unceremoniously: “I need to paint my own skin color.” She told her mother that skin color is “really important”. She said that she learned it at school.

My focus.

However, the most interesting part of Barry’s paper is the realization of this: the complex signs of privilege that enable people to enter an increasingly credentialed and stratified society.

Now, the power of the United States comes from awakening, which is a highly complex and evolving language.For example, Grace Church School in Manhattan provides 12 page guide Change to “inclusive language”

The guide is worth reading. I thought of a guide to this kind of joke. Reality is better than farce.

Awake fluency is a sign of an effective classroom and the key to these princelings maintaining their position in universities and other regions. Parents know this, so what I wake up now is the lingua franca of the best preparatory school in the United States. As a mother in Los Angeles said: “This is what all universities do, so we have to do it.

The troubles bet those working-class kids who go to college, they use Latin instead of “Latinx,” or they trip over the verbs of the verbs because their classmates prefer to use their pronouns.

The curse is betting on immigrants who get “skin color” and “people” in the wrong order.

This is not to really help disadvantaged people. This is a new battle for status-such as $500 worn-out jeans and designer Che Guevara T-shirts. The membership of the upper class is always marked by the state of language, clothing, and behavior. The accent of the queen. Know which fork to pick up. Know Latin or Greek. Nowadays,

…Kids learn how the new wake-up rules work. The idea of ??lying to please teachers was a phenomenon in the Soviet Union. But the high school students I talked to said they made this version, including imitating their opinions that they didn’t believe in homework so that their grades would not be affected.

If they want good grades in college and good jobs in our technology company, that might be a very good idea. Of course, the lively hypocrisy is that entering the increasingly controlled upper class of society depends on mastering a nonsense vocabulary that pretends to care for the disadvantaged. Well, if you want to succeed in the Soviet Union, it depends on pretending to care about “workers” and mastering “Marxist-Leninist thinking.”

Their silent, cynical answer is two words: Ivy League. A mother said: “There are rumors that the school definitely likes Duke’s three draft picks. If you oppose this, then your child will be threatened.”

Bain & Company tweeted “Womxn’s History Month”. Cartoon Network is encouraging children to “look at colors.” Coca-Cola employees have recently been instructed to “be less white.” You can’t buy or sell the title of Dr. Seuss with newly emerging issues on eBay.

The most concise is

This ideology is not telling the truth to power. Is power.

My focus.

But Barry started to have good news. There is an underground resistance force:

The Harvard-Westlake parent group is one of the organizations quietly organized across the country to counter what it calls an ideological movement to take over its schools.

It’s just underground, because we all know the power of the mob:

If they are worried about opposing this ideology, they will worry about losing their jobs or hurting their children.

A mother in Brentwood, another Los Angeles prep school, said: “The school can ask you to leave for any reason.” “Then you will be blacklisted by all private schools, and you will be called racist This is worse than being called a murderer.”

The children shared this fear deeply. For them, although fear is effective, it is more than just fear of poor grades or rejection of college recommendations. This is the fear of social humiliation. “If I publish my name, it will ruin my life. People will even question my ideology and attack me. I don’t even want people to know that I am a capitalist,” a student at the Feldston School in New York City told I,…

Fancy preparatory school is just the vanguard.Back to public school

The most shocking thing is that this ideology is becoming more and more common in local public schools. The incoming New York City school principal is a proponent of critical racial theory. In Burbank, the school district has just told middle and high school teachers to stop teaching “to kill a robin and mouse and human.”The Sacramento School District promotes apartheid through “racial affinity groups,” where students can “cultivate racial unity and compassion, support each other, and face the discomfort, confusion, and numbness caused by the white racial awakening.” The San Diego School District held a recent event. Training


Brett Stephens introduced us to public schools in California:

In the opening chapter of the demonstration course, students are not only expected to “challenge racism, stubbornness, discrimination, and imperialism/colonial beliefs”, but also to “criticize historical empire building” and “connect themselves with past and contemporary social movements” Get up” and fight for social justice. “

Irish Americans have a long history of discrimination in the United States and are proud of their traditions. However, the word “Ireland” hardly appeared anywhere in the model course, nor did it appear anywhere in its sample course. Russians, Italians, Poles and others rate only the shortest mentions.

Perhaps it’s because they all have new identities like most Jews, and are called “conditional white” in the terminology of racial studies, which also erases their past and racializes their present. Leaving aside this breeding ignorance is due to the long-term differences, struggles and achievements of the various European nations in the United States. This is also a mirror image of long-standing prejudices that view “Asian” or “Hispanic” as a group of ethnically different groups mainly composed of the same race.

…Treatment of “whiteness” (conditional or otherwise) is not an accident of pigmentation in the world, but a race that the world’s own David Duke has always wanted.

The Chicago Thinker, AFA, FIRE and Heterodox Academy will have a lot of work to do.

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