Update on the Coronavirus Outbreak on May 31

On Monday, students at the Freiherr-vom-Stein School in Bonn, Germany, were waiting for the results of a rapid COVID-19 test. Many German children return to face-to-face classes, some of them for the first time in seven months. (Wolfgang Rate/Reuters)

The number of COVID-19 patients in the intensive care unit of Manitoba hits a new high

Public health officials in Manitoba reported 303 new cases of COVID-19 on Monday, and the province was hit hard New pandemic record For people receiving treatment in the intensive care unit.

Within 48 hours from Friday to Sunday, 30 COVID patients were admitted to the intensive care unit in Manitoba. To date, Manitoba has 246 COVID patients admitted to the ICU in May, almost five times the number of 50 people admitted to the ICU in April.

After reaching an agreement with these two provinces to relieve the pressure on the provincial healthcare system, the province now has a record 107 COVID-19 patients in the intensive care unit: 71 in Manitoba, 35 in Ontario, 1 from Saskatchewan.

The provincial press release stated that 303 new COVID-19 cases were announced on Monday, although the total number of new cases on Monday was underestimated due to technical issues. The issue is expected to be resolved in time in Tuesday’s report, which will include the disappearance and the subsequent 24-hour period.

Of the news cases, 81% occurred in the Winnipeg Health District.

Thanks to all the thought-provoking numbers, Manitoba finds itself in Enviable location for outliers Because several other provinces seem to be experiencing the third wave of pandemic decline.

Dr. Jazz Atwal, Deputy Provincial Public Health Officer of Manitoba, pledged that Manitoba will promptly enact restrictions to prevent the province from suffering a similar fate when these jurisdictions were at the height of the recent struggle.

Atwal said at a press conference on April 16: “Ontario, when you look at how the number of cases is rising, you may have waited too long.” “We won’t go that way, I can I promise.”

Later that month, Governor Brian Pallister went further, slamming the ICU doctor’s call for a lockdown.

“There are many other people in the province who don’t have guaranteed salaries. They are trying to make a living and have to work to make a living. They don’t want to return to rely on government programs,” he said.

But now the price is too obvious.

Winnipeg ICU doctor Eric Jacobsohn said that the hospital crisis has also led to the deaths of non-COVID patients, mainly because thousands of operations have been cancelled to free hospital staff in COVID-19 wards. jobs. Jacobson stated on May 25 that due to the absence of nurses and other health care workers, six heart patients died while waiting for heart surgery that could not be performed.

Take a closer look at the visual representation of the progress of Manitoba’s cases during the current pandemic wave in this newsletter.

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In the coming days and weeks, many Canadian provinces will begin to relax restrictions on COVID-19, but plans across the country look different. 2:04


Ontario reports 916 new COVID-19 cases, the least since mid-February

Ontario Governor Doug Ford said on Monday that an announcement regarding the remaining time of the school year will be issued “in the next one or two days.”

In a speech in Queens Park, Ford said his government was reviewing its response to a letter sent last week that sought advice from a series of expert groups, public health officials, teachers’ unions and other stakeholders. The school year for most elementary and middle school students in the province is scheduled to end on June 25 or June 28.

Monday’s coronavirus numbers in Ontario seem to indicate a positive trend for many benchmarks.

The province reported 916 new COVID-19 cases on Monday, which is the smallest single-day case since mid-February. As a result, the average daily number of cases for 7 days dropped to 1,078. In addition, the Ontario Public Health Agency has a positive rate of 4.3% in all laboratory tests, which is the lowest level reported on Monday since March 15.

As of Sunday, 617 patients with COVID-related diseases have been receiving treatment in the intensive care unit. Among them, 382 need a ventilator to breathe. According to the Ontario Intensive Care Service Center, the median hospital stay for COVID-19 patients in intensive care is approximately 21.5 days.

At the same time, Ontario is aging 80 years old and above are eligible Due to the steady supply of vaccines and the progress of the first dose, the province has accelerated the time interval between the first and second doses, so they will receive a second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Shanta Sundarason, founder of PinkCars in North York, Toronto, said that since the organization was established on March 1, her volunteer-run group has helped approximately 3,800 seniors book COVID-19 appointments and provided more than 400 Transport service to and from the vaccination clinic, 2021.

“Our phones keep ringing, so we have been busy collecting all the information on the thousands of elderly people who need help next month,” she said.

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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said he hopes to reach an agreement with the G7 on the issue of vaccine passports

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will be the host of the Cornish G7 conference in less than two weeks. He told CBC News that he would like to see the vaccine certification system or vaccine passport as part of it. International Epidemic Prevention Treaty.

“We need to reach an agreement on issues such as vaccine passports and proof of new crown virus status,” Johnson told CBC News Chief Political Correspondent Rosemary Button in an interview that premiered on Sunday.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau seemed calm about the idea of ??a vaccine passport in an interview with Reuters in January, but since then European leaders seem to have reached a consensus on some kind of document.

Johnson said that there are also major problems in strengthening the global alliance to prevent the continuation of this coronavirus pandemic and to help prepare for future events with international impact.

“This is a bad year for believers in global cooperation, because the world has just become Balkanized, and everyone is. This is sauve qui peut,” he said, using the French phrase roughly translated as ” Everyone is for themselves”.

“Everyone sticks to their own inventory of personal protective equipment and protective equipment,” Johnson added.

The British leader said that he did not want to see history repeat itself in terms of vaccines. Canada, the United Kingdom and other privileged countries need to share doses with developing countries as soon as possible.

“Until everyone is safe, no one is safe,” Johnson said. “What we hope the Group of Seven (G7) can agree on is that instead of vaccinating the world by 2024 or 2025, it is better to achieve this goal on the current schedule. We need to complete this work by the end of next year. By 2022.”

Johnson stated that he will work with the Group of Seven and Canada to ensure that the vaccine sharing program COVAX is fully funded and speed up its vaccine distribution work.

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Cancellation of road tests, looming backlog frustrates potential Ontario drivers

Chuck Berry sang the joy of “riding in my car” No specific place to go, But many driving aspiring people in Ontario are limited in their ability to make the necessary trips, let alone dating.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Ontario has cancelled nearly 400,000 road tests, of which more than half have been cancelled in the Greater Toronto Area alone, making life difficult for students, new immigrants, and many others who need a driver’s license.

Although student drivers can still obtain a study permit, they can only drive by themselves if they pass the G2 road test. Others are forced to pay higher insurance rates or are excluded from jobs that require a full license.

As the only driver in her family with any license, Megan Day hopes to expand her employment prospects and help her mother shorten her long commute to work from the Scarborough community by one hour. Dy’s G2 road test is currently scheduled to be held on August 3, but the last three games have been cancelled.

“People are receiving their first vaccination, so I am still hopeful, but I want to be cautious,” she said. “I just don’t want to break my heart anymore.”

In a normal year, coach Azhar Malik said that at least 800 students at his school in Richmond Hill will get a driver’s license. During the pandemic, during the two months that Top Choice Driving School was able to operate, he estimated that only 80 students obtained driving licenses.

Malik estimates that the road test backlog may not be cleared until 2022-depending on how many examiners are employed by the Ontario Ministry of Transportation (MTO) and how they accommodate students.

In January, MTO announced that it would recruit 84 new road test examiners to help clear the backlog, but so far, only 35 examiners have been hired.

According to step 1 of the Ontario reopening road map, the road test center is tentatively scheduled to open on June 14, but patience may be a key word for those who wish to book a road test.

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At least one US-Canada match is guaranteed, Ottawa and NHL try to finalize travel exemptions

Montreal Canadiens and Toronto Maple Leafs players fight in Game 6 of the playoffs series. The winner of the Winnipeg and Toronto-Montreal Survivor series will need to jump back and forth across the border in order to face off against an American opponent in the third round of the NHL playoffs. (Ryan Remiorz/Canada Press)

The federal government is preparing to approve the travel exemption for the Stanley Cup playoffs. If the US team abides by the strict COVID-19 daily testing program and enters the bubble including hotels and arenas, this will allow the US team to enter Canada.

Federal sources told CBC News that all provinces where the Canadian team is still participating in the playoffs have signed the plan. It still needs the approval of federal health officials before it falls on the desk of Federal Minister of Immigration Marco Mendicino for final approval. CBC News did not disclose the source of the information because they do not have the right to discuss the matter publicly.

If approved, this will mark the NHL’s first regular cross-border travel during the COVID-19 pandemic. Last summer, the NHL ended its season at the hubs of Toronto and Edmonton, and all American teams only crossed the border once before departure.

In addition, Canadian teams in the top baseball, basketball and football leagues in North America are also forced to play at home in various venues in the United States because they encountered insurmountable obstacles in establishing the league schedule during the 14-day quarantine period.

Due to the reconfiguration of the NHL division this season due to the epidemic and international border considerations, it is guaranteed that the US team will face Canadian clubs in the third round of the playoffs, whether it is the Montreal Canadiens or the Toronto Maple Leafs. Leaves or Winnipeg Jet.

TSN and Canadian Press first reported the details of the potential travel exemption.

NHL Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly said in an email to the Canadian News Agency: “This work is in progress.”

There will be a game in the 7th game between Montreal and Toronto on Monday Sporadic fans At the Scotiabank Stadium in Toronto, all the invited medical staff. After Quebec officials eased the restrictions, the Canadians won their sixth game in front of 2,500 fans at the Bell Center in Montreal, as the number of cases and hospitalizations in the province has declined, and a healthy proportion of adults are at least vaccinated Got a vaccine.

The Manitoba provincial government has not yet issued a statement regarding fans participating in future Jets matches, which is a questionable proposal given the province’s current struggle with the coronavirus.

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