Experienced steam knows that taste is the biggest attraction of any juice. However, you may be wondering what is the difference between Vape Juice and CBD Vape Juice. The difference lies in the key ingredients between the two, but there are also some similarities.

E-cigarette juice

Vape Juice is often referred to as e-liquid or e-juice. This is a flavored nicotine, you can use a device or a disposable pen to smoke it. In addition, it has different nicotine strengths and can be flavored or unflavored. The biggest controversy behind Vape Juice is the fruity flavor it brings. Many users are switching from traditional tobacco products to Vape Juice. For many users, the greatest attraction is the pleasant taste.

Although Barbaric enterprise (Our parent company) no longer sells Vape Juice to the public; they took the same idea that made their Vape Juice very popular and started making CBD Vape Juice. Many other CBD companies later started producing CBD Vape Juice. This causes the flavor to disappear or the balance of the product does not exist. However, Savage CBD perfectly blends CBD and taste, not too harsh and very pleasant.

CBD e-cigarette juice

CBD e-cigarette juice

You can pass Vape CBD CBD e-cigarette juice This is specifically marked for this purpose. Although they have different flavors, such as Vape Juice, CBD Vape Juice does not contain nicotine. Vaping CBD is one of the fastest ways for CBD to enter your system. This is because you can start enjoying CBD within a few minutes. For most CBD Vape Juice users, the biggest attraction is the taste + the time it takes them to start enjoying the CBD.

One important thing to note is that CBD Vape Juice uses CBD Isolate. This is CBD extracted and separated from the hemp plant and made into distillate. In other words, you are only smoking CBD and there is almost no-if any other property of the hemp factory. However, in order to produce the rich flavors that CBD Vape Juice can contain. In addition, no matter how many e-cigarettes you smoke, CBD Vape Juice will not excite you.

the difference

the difference

The biggest difference between Vape Juice and CBD Vape Juice is that e-cigarettes contain nicotine, while CBD Vape Juice does not. However, there are some other major differences, including:

Blowing fertilizer mist cloud

When you use CBD like ordinary e-juice, you will not be able to blow out the fat mist. This is because when you use CBD, you need to use less wattage. When you smoke e-cigarettes that contain nicotine, you usually smoke at a higher wattage. This results in a fat haze. You can blow up thick clouds when you smoke CBD; however, you will want to avoid doing so.

When using CBD Vape Juice electronic cigarettes, the reason you want to avoid blowing up fat mist is because you will burn CBD. The distillate in CBD Vape Juice needs to maintain a low wattage to be effective. If you use CBD e-cigarettes with high wattage, there is a risk of burning the CBD-basically destroying it. You have wasted money by then, because CBD will no longer be pleasant.


When you use the CBD Vape Juice e-cigarette, you need to keep it between 5-15 watts. Therefore, we prefer to use a pod system because the coil is made with higher ohms. The higher the ohm, the less wattage required to power the coil. In addition, most pod systems only output 10-15 watts, which is exactly what you need.

When you smoke an e-cigarette, you can keep the wattage high because it will be more interesting. In addition, compared with CBD Vape Juice, the hardware is not important. You are not limited to specific coils or have to adjust the wattage.

Vape Shot CBD Vape Juice

Vape Shot CBD Vape Juice

The CBD products we want to emphasize are ours Vape Shot CBD Vape Juice. This product does not contain fragrance, you can add it to any e-liquid. If you are a person who likes e-cigarettes and want to know what it feels like to combine CBD and your favorite e-cigarette oil; this is the best product you try. However, we still recommend keeping the wattage low for a complete CBD experience.

in conclusion

The difference between Vape Juice and CBD Vape Juice

There are many differences and similarities between the two products. However, the main difference is the lack of nicotine in CBD Vape Juice. You can get similar tastes between the two products, but the experience will be different. The thing to keep in mind is that you will not use the wattage required by CBD and Vape CBD to blow away the vapor cloud. An interesting combination is to add Vape Shot to different types of e-liquid to create a unique experience.

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