Kayson Solicitors Sheds Light on Increased Domestic Violence During Covid-19 Pandemic Lockdown in Waltham Abbey, UK

London, United Kingdom, 02/10/2021

London, UK – Domestic violence remains the most prevalent and significant crime attacking the very fabric of our communities. Statistics paint a grim picture showing that one-third of women will suffer from domestic violence in their lifetime, with one in four women injured in their current or former relationship. With citizens too frightened to leave during the Covid-19 Pandemic Lockdown, Kayson Solicitors warns that domestic violence is becoming a serious issue in the run-up to the national lockdown in the UK.

Domestic violence during the Covid-19 is a stark reality that women across the country have to face. While the federal government will no doubt be taking extreme measures to prevent a widespread outbreak of the virus plaguing the “UK,” Kayson Solicitors says that the efforts in place to protect citizens are not enough for many women who already live in fear of their domestic situations. Commenting on the prevalence of domestic violence during the Covid-19, which has seen a sharp rise of 7% this year, reaching 259,324 victims, Kayson Solicitors managing director said that “Domestic violence is already far too prevalent in our society, and the lockdown is turning our way of life into a dystopian nightmare. It’s worrying to see the number of domestic violence cases increase during the Covid-19 lockdown”.

“While the police will continue to operate on a 24-hour basis, the other public services which women may rely on face serious challenges during the lockdown. Centers that provide resources and support for victims are also likely to be affected by the lockdown, leaving them incredibly vulnerable,” she said.

“As a concerned Family solicitors Waltham Abbey, we are urging the society to be more open about such a pertinent issue that has existed for generations and is still prevalent in our culture in modern times and to break the silence. We are worried that the lockdown would only lead to further incidents of domestic violence and urge the government to confront and address the issue head-on,” the director added.

With the many legal courses of action, including divorce, provided by a domestic violence solicitor Waltham Abbey, victims of domestic violence may find themselves better equipped to deal with their situation. Divorce law is meant to protect people who are suffering from domestic violence at the hands of their partners and giving them a chance to get away from the abuse. Divorce law allows a victim to decide whether to fight for the marriage or for the children or both. A lawyer will provide assistance to help you negotiate child custody and child support. The lawyer will work with you to try to resolve the issue, and if a resolution is not possible, they will present your case to the courts for a decision.

Divorce solicitors Waltham Abbey with their consistency, efficiency, and skills, know how to deal with all kinds of emotional situations. Their clients are young and old, married and unmarried; many of them facing life-changing decisions. Therefore, solicitors always work with an eye on the bigger picture, planning to give clients a positive and supportive way to handle a breakup.

“We at Divorce solicitors Waltham Abbey work with you throughout the whole divorce process no matter how simple or complex your case is. The process may be stressful and downright depressing, but we try to make it as easy, straightforward as it can be,” said the managing partner. For more information, visit anchor link – https://www.kaysonsolicitors.co.uk/family-law/domestic-violence-helplines/

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