14 strangest things people have actually eaten

Including torpedo fuel and toast water.



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Especially the dorm-you know, the lovely Disney with long, big eyes and plump body- Popular food The high society of ancient Rome. They will be fattened and sold to the rich, who will eat them cooked in honey and poppy seeds, or stuff them with other meats.



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It seems that black pudding is not bad enough Scholars found The Spartans used to put pig blood, salt and vinegar in a simple soup. It is called the Spartan Black Soup, and even the VIPs who visit Sparta can’t stand it.


Torpedo fuel

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In the movie lighthouse, Both characters are stained with kerosene (lamp oil), but there is no official report that the illuminator is actually doing this.The sailors of World War II, however, consumed Torpedo sauceIt is basically a mixture of lemon, pineapple juice and the 180-degree alcohol used as fuel in torpedoes!


Beaver tail

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Did you know that people used to feast their mouths Beaver tail During Lent? In the 17th century, the Catholic Church clarified that because beavers are semi-aquatic, they are technically regarded as “fish” and can be eaten within a 40-day period, which is traditionally a period when Christians give up eating meat. .


Delicious jelly salad

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Americans in the last century have cooked some very strange salads, but one recipe is more outrageous than all recipes- “Jelly Salad”. It is usually wrapped in chicken or tuna, fruits and vegetables, and packed in lemon green jelly or other sweetness.


Whale dung (some kind)

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Ambergris is Basically intestinal paste Whales are ejected from their bodies after digesting creatures such as squids. It may be secreted to the back of the whale and harden in cold water. It was very popular in early modern Europe and has become a luxury ingredient in products such as ice cream.


Black iguana eggs

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This Maya once loved These rich, full-yolk eggs-unlike most bird eggs-have a leathery, rough appearance. Central Americans will grow black iguanas, which can stay in the water longer than their green cousins ??and harvest eggs for food.


Fake banana

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In Britain in the 1940s, food was scarce and people were forced to live on rations. Unfortunately, the rations did not include exotic fruits from warm climates.As a result, the British will By creating a simulated banana Add banana essence to parsnips!


Onion chunks

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In the late 70s, McDonald’s debuts “Onion Block” —Cut the onion into small pieces and fry them in the batter. Onion bhajis are one thing, but I am personally happy that these things have never been popular. Maccy D’s finally decided to return to the drawing board, and from there they thought of the chicken nuggets we know and love today!


Milk lemonade

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Used to be Very common in the U.S. Mix some Qibao powder with some cold milk to make “soda milk”.In parts of the UK, people often Mix Coca-Cola and milk. I guess there are soda and egg cream here too, so the carbonated dairy is still alive and kicking!



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This exotic dish from the Middle Ages is usually associated with the Tudor dynasty in England, including Sew on the upper body of the piglet Place it on the bottom of the hairy a or turkey. Then stuff it and grill it on the grill. During this time, similar chimera products became popular, including “Roast Without Equal” (Roast Without Equal), which is a 17-bird roast!


Toast sandwich

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In 1861, British food writer Isabella Beeton (Isabella Beeton) chose to include A simple recipe Toast sandwich Mrs. Beaton’s Family Management Book. It is basically two pieces of buttered bread, with a piece of dry bread in the middle, and seasoned with salt and pepper. Also known as the most British dish of all time.


Toast water

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The weird use of toast in cooking doesn’t stop there!Another 19th-century British recipe called for the British to bake the crust and then Submerged in water Continue for an hour until the water turns brown. Then, you just need to filter the water and drink it. I don’t know you, but this person will definitely feel that it may become a weird trend in the future!


Finally, the others.

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I mean, no complete To my surprise, our ancestors may have eaten thousands of years ago, but I’m talking about Europe 16th and 17th centuryDuring this period, people often ingest drugs made from human bones, blood and fat to cure various diseases!


January 10, 2021, 22:45 PM

Yes, so the previous version of this post incorrectly stated that during the period of Lent (also known as “Lauris”), the Catholic Church in the sixth century could feed unborn bunny. Although this is an idea that has been ubiquitous for a century, and will be a violent addition to this list, Totally fake. I went back to my source and found that maybe only one person did this, and no one thought he was normal at the time. Thanks to our readers for pointing this out!

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