Leary Law Adds Virginia Criminal Defense FAQ To Its Website

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Leary Law located in Fairfax Virginia is pleased to announce that as of October 10, 2020, it has added a new frequently asked questions (FAQ) section to the criminal defense section of its website. This exciting new addition is designed to help those who are facing criminal charges–or the loved ones of those who have been charged with a crime–better navigate the criminal defense system.

What You Can Expect to Learn

The FAQs page goes into details about bail bonds, sentencing, pre-trial motions, how criminal charges are classified, hearings and preliminary hearings, Fifth Amendment rights, Fourth Amendment rights, unreasonable search and seizure, double jeopardy, security clearances after a criminal charge or conviction, plea bargaining, paying criminal fines and fees, jail time, felony criminal cases, misdemeanor criminal cases, warrants, and how a criminal defense lawyer can help. This section is designed for anyone who has recently been arrested and charged with a crime, someone who is in the criminal defense system (pending sentencing or post-sentencing), and any loved ones or family members of those who have been charged with a crime.

Why the FAQs Section Matters

Christie Leary
and her staff at the office of Leary Law believe that those who have been charged with a crime deserve to be held innocent until proven guilty, and that regardless of the nature of the crime, ensuring that a defendant’s Constitutional rights are upheld is critical. What’s more, they also believe that the more information a criminal defendant has, the better they will be able to navigate the court system and defend themselves against charges. The goal of the FAQs section is to provide those who most need it with the critical information that can inform future actions and paths chosen.

Comprehensive Answers with Room for More

The answers provided on the FAQ section are, admittedly, generic; some will apply to all persons in the criminal defense system, whereas other answers may be modified based on a specific case. Recognizing this, Leary Law encourages all those who are facing charges to reach out to the law firm directly for information specific to an individual’s case.

“The answers to the FAQs are meant to be a guiding tool,” said a representative from the law firm, “But are by no means meant to be applied in every single case or to replace the advice and counsel of a criminal defense lawyer.”

Accurate Answers from Experienced Professionals

The answers to the questions in the website’s FAQ section are derived from various sources, ranging from expert sites to statute. Additionally, of course, they are informed by Attorney Christie A. Leary herself – an attorney who has represented defendants and litigated cases for nearly two decades. Not only is Leary a competent attorney with years of experience behind her name, but she has also earned a perfect 10.0–a rating of “superb”–from AVVO. She has also received recognition from Martindale-Hubbell, Super Lawyers, Justia, Best Lawyers, and the Northern Virginia Magazine Top Lawyers. Her pristine credentials speak volumes.

And it’s not just her experience and outstanding reputation that you can count on – the Leary Law firm cares about you.

“We help people who have often never been inside a courtroom, have never been in trouble before or have never needed the services of an attorney. These are answers to questions we receive on topics of criminal defense, personal injury and civil litigation which may help you understand your situation and how we can assist you,” said Attorney Leary, explaining the new FAQ page.

Helping Virginians During a Tough Time

To say that being charged with a crime is difficult doesn’t give the experience justice – it can be a traumatic, embarrassing, lonely, and life-changing experience. The answers to the FAQs on the criminal defense page of the Leary Law website are designed to help you, regardless of the type of charge you’re facing. The office of Leary Law works on a wide range of criminal defense case types, including domestic violence cases, drug crimes, DWI/DUI cases, reckless driving cases, traffic offenses, fraud and white-collar crimes, juvenile crimes, sex offenses and pornography, violent criminal defense, and more. The law firm prides itself on offering dedicated, judgment-free representation.

Start Reading Today to Get the Information You Need

If you’ve been charged with a crime in Virginia, you may have dozens of questions about what your rights are, what happens next, and what you can expect throughout the criminal process. One of the best places to start is with the frequently asked questions section about criminal defense cases on the website of Leary Law. From there, the law firm encourages you to reach out to them directly for personalized, attentive, and dedicated criminal defense legal representation.

The law firm of Leary Law has offices in Fairfax and Manassas, Virginia. Focusing on criminal defense, personal injury, juvenile, school and administrative hearings, civil litigation, and family law, Leary Law provides excellent representation that’s focused on superior services, understanding, and professionalism.

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