Pulp Reputation Introduces Cost-Effective Solution to Eliminate Online Bad Reviews

Orange County, CA, United States, 11/12/2020 / 38 Digital Market News /

ORANGE COUNTY, CALIFORNIA – 12th November 2020 – Pulp Reputation, a reputed online marketing agency that offers online reputation solutions for businesses is pleased to introduce their highly efficient and cost-effective solution to manage bad reviews online. Their Review Management Software is designed to help businesses deal with the negative reviews offline even before they hit the headlines on the web pages. Customers’ negative feedback or comments are addressed at the source and businesses get a chance to solve the issues with their dissatisfied customers. The software also helps businesses guide their customers to leave the best 5-star reviews. 

Even if the brand or businesses have ten 5 star ratings and just one negative rating, it is enough for the consumer to change his or her mind. That one negative rating can alter or affect the purchasing or buying decision of the customer. It also leaves a bad remark on the brand’s reputation online. And businesses largely rely on positive reviews and customer satisfaction. What if there was a solution where these businesses get a second chance at pleasing the dissatisfied customer? What if their negative feedback or comments can be addressed before publication? The answer to this question is the Review Management Software by Pulp Reputation. 

Here is how the tool works for the business. It is an effective and simple system that proactively collects and uses feedback from all the customers. Once the feedback is received, the system activates happy customers to share their good experience on the platform that matters to the business. Businesses can then approach unhappy customers offline before they leave bad reviews about their experience. There is one huge advantage here. A majority of these unhappy customers will be happy that the team proactively addresses their grievances. Though it’s not possible to keep every customer happy, this software acts as a buffer between businesses and their customers to solicit the best reviews from happy customers, and offer a second chance at redemption with unhappy customers before they post negative reviews online. 

The Review Management Software by PULP Reputation is comprehensive and collects all the reviews in one place, while the admins selectively share them on their websites. The tool automatically displays the latest and best reviews of the business to prospective customers; thereby increasing awareness and conversion in the process. Admins can also selectively show, hide, and edit review snippets and they are always in control of the content they publish. With special integration of call now buttons and Facebook chatbot, businesses can now be reached by their customers at any time of the day. Other interesting features of this software are options for an SEO optimized landing page, as well as, WordPress Plugins, Automated email, and SMS text message review request campaigns to target happy customers for exponentially increasing 5-star reviews. 

Pulp Reputation provides review monitoring on Google, Facebook, Yelp, BBB, and countless other industry-specific sites so that businesses understand what exactly is being said about their services and respond immediately; thanking the happy customers and recovering the dissatisfied customers. 

To learn more visit https://www.pulpreputation.com/ 

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Pulp Reputation based in Orange County, California is a company that offers online reputation solutions for businesses throughout North America. 



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