BC heat wave breaks record for highest temperature ever in Canada

The heat wave in BC is breaking temperature records, and meteorologists expect the weather to get hotter in the coming days.

According to data from Environment Canada, Litton, British Columbia, broke the record for the hottest temperature ever in Canada on Sunday afternoon, reaching 46.1 degrees Celsius.

In July 1937, the highest temperature in the country’s history was 45 degrees Celsius in Saskatchewan.

Other notable highs include the Fraser Valley, where temperatures in Cultus Lake exceeded 40 degrees Celsius for the first time on Saturday.

In the Cache Creek area, the temperature soared to 42.5 C on Saturday, and Lillooet set a new record of 43.1 C.

The temperature in the Pemberton Valley is so high An evacuation order has been issued due to the rise of river water level Caused by melting snow.

Monday high temperature peak

CBC meteorologist Johanna Wagstaffe said that the worst has yet to come. Forecasters predict that the temperature in the Lower Mainland will be as high as 45 degrees Celsius on Monday, when the heat wave is expected to reach its peak.

Wagstaff said that Abbotsford, located in the Fraser Valley, will be a city to watch on Monday because humidity can make people feel as high as 50 degrees Celsius.

Derek Lee, a meteorologist with Environment Canada, predicts that more records will be broken on Monday, including in Lytton, and communities may break their Canadian records.

“So you think it was hot yesterday? It might be hotter tomorrow,” Li said.

“I know that many people may not be ready for the high temperature, but we still have a few days.”

Above-average temperatures in western Canada will continue until next week. (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation News)

The temperature is expected to shift eastward on Tuesday, but the temperature in the inland areas will remain above 40 degrees Celsius. Wagstaffe said that the province is not expected to cool down until at least July 6.

The neighboring countries on the west coast of BC have also experienced record-breaking temperatures.

On Saturday, the temperature in Portland, Oregon reached 42.2 degrees Celsius.United States National Weather Service Said that the temperature there will reach 44.4 degrees Celsius on Sunday and Monday.

Cooling center open

Cities and districts across the province have opened cooling centers for those who do not have air conditioning.

City of Vancouver has Several are open in community centers throughout the city.

The City of Vancouver has set up cooling centers throughout the city to help people avoid heat stroke. (Ben Nilms/Canadian Broadcasting Corporation)

The city of Abbotsford stated that when the temperature exceeds 32 degrees Celsius or 30 degrees Celsius for several days, its cooling center will operate from 1 pm to 5 pm.

These include:

  • Lehman Road, Heritage Union Church at 3440 Mt.
  • The Cascade Community Church at 35190 Delair Road.
  • Abbotsford, Clearbrook and Mount Lehman libraries.
  • Arrive at the gallery museum.

On Sunday, the Central Okanagan Emergency Operations Center stated that it has opened several cooling centers in the area, including:

  • Kelowna Parkinson Activity Center.
  • Kelowna Lateran Event Center.
  • West Kelowna Lakeview Highland Baptist Church.
  • Taoyuan Community Center, Taoyuan.

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