High-rise buildings in Gaza, housing media offices destroyed by Israeli air strikes


  • Israel is targeting senior figures in the leadership of Hamas.
  • The top leaders in Gaza were hit by airstrikes from the Associated Press and Al Jazeera.
  • After the airstrike, the newsgroup’s Human Rights Watch organization asked for answers.
  • At least 10 people were killed in air strikes on buildings in refugee camps in Gaza.
  • Canadians with relatives in Gaza, Israel It’s heartbreaking as the violence unfolds.
  • Looking back on the confrontation of the past Clashes between Israeli and Palestinian militants in Gaza.

An Israeli airstrike on Saturday targeted and destroyed a high-rise building in Gaza City that houses a media store and residential apartments. A few hours later, Israel bombed the home of Khalil Haye, the top leader of the Hamas Group in Gaza.

The Israeli military said Haye’s residence was part of the “terrorist infrastructure” of the armed group.

Al-Hayeh is a senior figure in the political leadership of Hamas in Gaza, and this attack marks a further escalation of the situation, which shows that Israel will follow Hamas’s top leadership, not just the military commander.

His fate after the strike is unclear.

Warn before high-level air strikes

Earlier Saturday, after the Israeli military issued a warning that a strike would be imminent within an hour, AP employees and other tenants working at the top of Gaza evacuated the building safely.

Three heavy missiles hit the 12-story building, collapsing it into a huge cloud of dust.

A 12-story building in Gaza was destroyed in an air strike on Saturday, where the local offices of the Associated Press and Al Jazeera are located. The Israeli military said it targeted the building because it contained assets of the Hamas intelligence agency. (Ashraf Abu Amrah/Reuters)

For 15 years, the top offices and roof terraces of the Associated Press were the main locations to cover up the conflict between Israel and the Hamas rulers in Gaza (including the 2009 and 2014 wars).

The news agency’s cameras provided 24-hour real-time shooting, with rockets from militants flying towards Israel, and Israeli airstrikes hit the city and its surrounding areas this week.

Associated Press President and CEO Gary Pruitt (Gary Pruitt) said in a statement: “Because of what is happening today, the world knows very little about what is happening in Gaza.” The destruction of the buildings of the Associated Press office and other news organizations in the Gaza Strip shocked and shocked us.

He said: “This is an incredible development. We barely avoided a heavy loss of life.” He added that the Associated Press is seeking information from the Israeli government.

The targeted buildings also house the offices and residential apartments of Al Jazeera TV operated by Qatari.

Seek details of the reason

The Israeli military said that Hamas was operating in the building. This is a standard interpretation, and it accused the militant group of using journalists as a shield for humanity. But it did not provide evidence to support the claim.

It is unclear why the Israeli army demolished an entire building containing media offices and residential apartments. The military has conducted dozens of precision air strikes, including air strikes on single floors or even single apartments in this round of battle.

The New York-based Committee for the Protection of Journalists asked Israel to “provide detailed and well-documented reasons for the strike.”

Joel Simon, the executive director of the organization, said: “Israel recently launched an attack on a building, and Israel has been hosting international media here for a long time. In a statement.

Richard Weir, a researcher at Human Rights Watch, said: “The Israeli government should publicly clarify and verify information that can prove strikes on these buildings.”

Air strikes, rocket attacks in solidarity with settled in Gaza, Israel

A few hours ago, Israel carried out an air strike on a densely populated refugee camp, killing at least 10 Palestinians in a large family, most of them children. This is the deadliest strike in the current conflict.

Since Monday night, Hamas has fired hundreds of rockets at Israel, and Israel has launched a strike on Israel’s Gaza Strip. In Gaza, at least 145 people were killed, including 41 children and 23 women. In Israel, eight people were killed, including a man who was hit by a rocket on Saturday in Ramat Gan, a suburb of Tel Aviv.

Israeli security and emergency services personnel worked Saturday at the location where a rocket hit in Ramat Gan, near the coastal city of Tel Aviv. (Gil Cohen-Magen/AFP/Getty Images)

The most recent outbreak of violence began in Jerusalem and spread to the entire region in the past week, with Jewish-Arab conflicts and riots in mixed Israeli cities.

On Friday, widespread Palestinian protests also took place in the occupied West Bank, where Israeli forces were there 11 people were shot and killed.

Fear of a new uprising

In the absence of peace talks for many years, rising violence has exacerbated concerns about a new Palestinian uprising or uprising.

Palestine refugees held a protest in Maroun al-Ras, a village in southern Lebanon that borders Israel, as they celebrated the 73rd anniversary of Naqbar (disaster) day on Saturday. This is how Palestinians describe the anniversary of Israel’s declaration of independence. In 1948. (Mahmoud Zayyat/AFP/Getty Images)

The Palestinians celebrated Naqqa (disaster) day on Saturday, which was characteristic of Israel’s declaration of independence in 1948, when thousands of Palestinian Arabs fled or were forced to leave their homes.

American diplomat Hady Amr arrived in Washington on Friday as part of Washington’s efforts to escalate the conflict. The UN Security Council is scheduled to meet on Sunday.

After the rocket was fired in the Gaza Strip, a member of the Israeli security forces gathered shrapnel on the outskirts of the Israeli city of Rhodes on Saturday and Saturday. Both Jews and Israeli Arabs live in the city. (Gil Cohen-Magen/AFP/Getty Images)

Israeli officials said on Friday that on condition of anonymity, Israel had rejected Egypt’s one-year armistice agreement that the Hamas rulers had accepted.

8 children and 2 women were killed

As hostilities continued, Israeli bombing attacked a three-story house in the Al-Shati refugee camp in Gaza City on Saturday morning, killing 8 children aged 14 and under and two women from extended families. .

Mohammed Hadidi told reporters that his wife and five children have celebrated the Eid al-Fitr holiday with his brother’s wife and three children. He said that everyone was killed immediately. The only known survivor of the Hadidi family is his five-month-old son Omar. He said that another 11-year-old son, Yahya, is missing.

On Saturday, a Palestinian man sat in the rubble of the Shati refugee camp west of Gaza City. Israel killed eight children and two women from a large family in an air strike at the camp. (Fatima Shbair/Getty Images)

Among the rubble can be seen children’s toys and board games of Monopoly, as well as uneaten food plates at holiday parties.

Neighbor Jamal Najib, who lives in the same building, said: “There is no warning.” “You filmed what people were eating and then bombed them?” He said, speaking to Israel. “Why do you have to face us? Face powerful people!”

In the early hours of Saturday morning, Israel’s Iron Dome anti-missile system intercepted a rocket launched from the Gaza Strip to Israel, and stripes were seen from Ashkelon. (Emil Cohen/Reuters)

The Israeli military did not immediately respond to a request for comment. Hamas said that in response to the air strikes, it fired rockets into southern Israel.

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