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Freelancers and entrepreneurs are often forced to work from home or from busy coffee shops amidst a sea of distractions, but a popular alternative to these settings is on the rise. A coworking space poses a perfect solution for professionals who face such problems because it offers them office space at a reasonable price with all the amenities of a traditional office space without the distraction of home.

Coworking spaces can be defined as shared offices or buildings where entrepreneurs, start-ups, freelancers, developers, businesses and teams come to work independently, as well as socialize and collaborate on projects. It is much more than simply a place of work. It is also a great place for freelancers and other independent professionals to socialize, network and work on projects together. A coworking space is also known as a shared workspace or shared office. All the professionals who work here share the amenities provided by the coworking space.

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“Coworking spaces are essentially shared workspaces. They offer affordable office space for those looking to escape the isolation of a home office or coffee shop.

Walk into a coworking space and you’ll immediately notice that it feels different from a regular office. The smell of fresh coffee in the air is second only to the electric atmosphere that the energetic and excited occupants bring to the space. You’ll see a mix of those in deep focus at private desks and others striking up engaging conversations at large shared tables. This is the culture of the coworking space.”

Coworking space and Cost

Coworking spaces generally have monthly membership plans that professionals sign up for if they want to use the facility, instead of a lengthy lease. You are only paying for the number of desks or offices you are renting, and you are not tied down by the burden of a long contract for a large office space that you may not actually need. The overall cost of the amenities, which are managed by the coworking space, is split among those who are using the facility as part of their membership cost. Therefore, independent professionals and freelancers can enjoy the benefits of working in an office space without having to bear the cost of renting or building one.

Venture X Dallas Campbell Centre

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“Shared amenities, spaces, and appliances help keep costs low. Longer commitments will ensure lower rent prices, but depending on your situation it may be worth paying a premium for the flexibility.

In addition to the flexible lease terms and collaborative work space, coworking spaces often encourage social interaction between tenants in the form of organized events, panel discussions, and happy hours.”

Amenities and office space offered by coworking spaces

Coworking spaces strive to create a work environment that promotes productivity and growth. The primary focus is to enable professionals to be able to lend their entire focus to their budding businesses and projects without having to worry about maintaining an office space or dealing with the distractions of working from home. Coworking spaces are architecturally designed specifically to encourage concentration, cheer, collaborations and productivity.

Open floor plans allow freelancers and independent professionals from various industries work across each other, which encourages them to interact with each other, form strong work and sometimes personal relationships.

Coworking spaces also provide professionals with all the amenities they require at the workplace. Here are some common amenities found in a coworking space:

  • High speed and reliable internet connection.
  • A quiet and comfortable environment in which to work.
  • Ergonomically enabled chairs and desks to work at.
  • Space to have meeting, in person, on the phone or via video conference.
  • Easy to access, relatively centralized location.
  • Inspiring and well-designed environment and atmosphere.
  • Break rooms with coffee, tea and a reasonably-priced cafeteria.
  • Access to bookable private meeting spaces at no or low cost.
  • Access to clean showers.
  • Access to other lifestyle facilities such as conference halls for events, gyms, and full-service restaurants).
  • A diverse group of individuals that you work alongside, to learn from or make small talk with during your workday.
  • Other auxiliary services at a discounted rate (utilizing the economies of scale of the multiple people working there) related to making your workday efficient, including bulk deals on printing, mailing packages, or office supplies.

Cost-Saving Benefits of Executive Office Suites of Law Firms 

Law firm executive spaces like this space in Dallas, TX offer office space along with amenities at an affordable price. This enormously brings down the overhead costs for small businesses and freelancers. Renting office spaces on long term lease or owning a dedicated office space involves a substantial investment of time, money, and resources. Some of the expenses include:

  • Furniture and Decorations
  • Electricity
  • High-speed Internet service
  • Network Manager
  • Janitor
  • Security and Access
  • Insurance
  • Office Manager

Coworking space gives a great opportunity for start-ups and small businesses to work out of a creative and well-maintained office without having to bear the cost of it. Here are a few cost benefits to consider if you are considering renting a coworking space for you or your business –

  • Coworking spaces turn out to be 60% to 75% cheaper if your team is 30 people or less, which especially benefits small businesses.
  • It is a relief for many small business owners to realize that approximately 35% to 55% of your workforce do not need their workspace. However, with a coworking space, they enjoy the camaraderie of a social working environment that provides the right balance of productivity and personal interaction.
  • Conference rooms are an important part of everyday business for presentations and meetings with clients and potential customers. With coworking spaces, you can use them without additional charges.
  • With coworking spaces, you don’t have to worry about the cost to maintain common areas and pantries.
  • Coworking spaces also allow you to earn greater tax benefits

As per iKeva, [Source (3)]

“The startups, as well as established companies by opting for a shared space for rent, can able to save a lot of their operational costs which is as high as 30% savings. Also, there is no long lock-in period involved when the companies opt for the coworking spaces. There are no strings attached and thus several startups are more and more opting for coworking spaces for availing the benefits.”

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Coworking in Dallas – Fort Worth

Source: “With vibrant arts and sports sectors, tourism features prominently into Dallas’ economy and this Texas metropolitan area ranks as the third most popular business travel destination in the US. Dallas-Fort Worth is home to 135,799 small businesses and on a smaller scale, Dallas-Fort Worth is home to 97,859 microbusinesses, with one to nine employees. Forbes ranked DFW 13th on its “Best Places for Business and Careers” list. If you’re looking to grow your business in Dallas, Venture X has 10+ coworking spaces conveniently located throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area to choose from. No matter where you decide to grow your business in Dallas, we’ve got a thriving community near you. Our members can work from any one of our locations when they need to, giving them access to the things they need to run their business smoothly. So if you’re in downtown Dallas, uptown or trying to work across town, we’ve got you covered with high quality, flexible, collaborative, shared and dedicated office spaces designed to help you exceed your business goals. With a unique set of amenities and benefits you’re sure to find the right space for you and your business at Venture X. 

In a city that’s ripe for business growth, Dallas-Fort Worth currently lays claim to the largest concentration of Fortune 500 company headquarters in the Lone Star state. Serving up nine Fortune 500 companies in its city limits, Dallas superstars include Tenet Healthcare, Southwest Airlines, Texas Instruments, and AT&T to name a few. Additionally, the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex hosts other Fortune 500 companies, with the likes of American Airlines, ExxonMobil and J. C. Penney Company. A hub for transportation, Dallas developed into a robust industrial and financial center, as the Interstate Highway System and railroad lines were reinforced by the construction of the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport. One of the largest and busiest airports in the world, the construction of the Dallas-Fort Worth Airport established the metropolitan area as a major inland port. Rated a “Beta (+)” global city, Dallas’s diverse economy is supported by its defense sector, financial services, information technology, telecommunications, and transportation industries. If you’re looking to leverage all of the opportunities Dallas has to offer, we’re here with the flexible space and community support you need to grow.”

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