Manitoba now has the highest per capita COVID-19 infection rate in Canada

Manitoba now has the highest per capita COVID-19 infection rate in Canada



Canada has a new COVID-19 hotspot because Manitoba has surpassed Alberta to become the province with the highest per capita COVID-19 infection rate.

As of Sunday, the seven-day average daily infection rate in Manitoba is 33.1 COVID-19 cases per 100,000 people Data collected by Health Canada.

Health Canada reported that the daily infection rate in Alberta has dropped to 72.9 days per day, with an average of 32.9 COVID-19 cases per day.

Public health officials say that Manitoba, the last province west of the Ministry of Maritime Affairs, has experienced a third wave of attacks. This is due to growing concerns about contagion and an increase in people who refuse to comply with pandemic disease restrictions. This situation.

In recent weeks, the number of daily infections in Manitoba has soared, eventually reaching a peak in a single-day province 560 new COVID-19 cases pandemic recorded on Thursday.

In Alberta, the third wave peaked in early May, and the number of daily cases is declining.

In recent weeks, Manitoba has implemented a series of increasingly severe pandemic restrictions, which eventually led to the closure of stadiums, places of worship and indoor restaurants on May 9.

Public health risk

The Deputy Chief Public Health Officer of Manitoba, Dr. Jazz Atwal (Jazz Atwal) urged Manitoba people to abide by the public health order, if they have not received needles or have not made an appointment for immunization, they should be vaccinated.

In a statement on Sunday, Atwal said: “Now all Manitoba people aged 12 and over can make an appointment for their first dose of vaccine, which will also help reduce cases in the long run. Number, the hospitalization rate and the hospitalization rate in the intensive care unit.”

“Public health will continue to consider many factors to monitor the situation in Manitoba, and will take further measures as needed to address public health risks.”

The picture shows Manitoba Prime Minister Brian Pallister’s speech at a press conference in March. On Sunday, his spokesperson urged everyone in the “Manitoba Team” to protect each other and bend our COVID curve backwards. (John Woods/Canada Press)

The office of Prime Minister Brian Pallister said the rise in the number of cases has exacerbated the need for Manitoba people to comply with public health orders and stay home if possible.

The Prime Minister’s spokesperson said in a statement: “Like the other provinces and cities before us, we are in the third wave. We need everyone on the Manitoba Provincial Team to help each other protect each other. And make our COVID curve bend backwards.” On Sunday. “We have done it before, we can do it again.”

The leader of the opposition New Democratic Party, Wab Kinew, proposed that the Conservative government’s management of the pandemic played a role in the third wave of Manitoba’s epidemic.

Kinew said in a statement: “This is another serious milestone for the Manitoba and Pallister governments. This is not just a data point, but real people are getting sick, with friends and Family isolation and even hospitalization,”

“It seems hard to remember now, but if we unite, follow public health orders and vaccinate everyone as soon as possible, things will get better.”

Winnipeg, in particular, was hit hard by the third pandemic. Of the 4,440 active COVID-19 cases in Manitoba, three-quarters are in the Winnipeg Health Area.

In the past week, Manitoba had an average of 459 COVID-19 cases per day, including Thursday’s case records.

On Sunday, Manitoba announced 534 new cases. The number of COVID-19 patients in the Manitoba Hospital increased by 17 to 258, including the pandemic record 71 in the intensive care unit.

The model released by the province on Friday suggests that the number of cases this week may stabilize, but the number of intensive care patients may continue to grow until mid-June.


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