Major General Dany Fortin is under military investigation and no longer leads the vaccine campaign

Major General Dany Fortin is under military investigation and no longer leads the vaccine campaign



The Director General of Vaccines Canada, led by the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC), is stepping down under the shadow of a military investigation involving allegations of sexual misconduct.

The Ministry of Defense issued a short three-line statement late Friday, calling it Major General. Dany Fortin resigns and his future will be determined by the acting chief of defense staff.

Regardless of whether it is the military department or other internal review agencies, neither the military nor the department will say which investigation has been initiated.

CBC News confirmed that the investigation involved an allegation of sexual misconduct that occurred before 2015. The military has now announced its retirement from the “Operation Honour” (Operation Honour) aimed at eliminating misconduct. Three separate confidential sources (not authorized to speak publicly due to the sensitivity of the document) described it as an earlier claim, but declined to provide more specific information. The Globe and Mail was the first to report that the allegations against Fortin were sexual in nature.

His departure came suddenly.

It was not until Friday morning that Fortin was listed as a secondment to a public health agency in a Ministry of Defense statement involving the Director-General of the Ministry of Defense.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau tasked Fortin to lead Canada’s COVID-19 vaccine distribution in the fall.

Defense Minister Jarji Sajjan tried to assure the public that efforts to distribute vaccines will not be interrupted by the general’s absence. (Darryl Dyke/Canada Press)

Fortin is a highly acclaimed veteran of Afghanistan. He was the commander of the NATO mission in Iraq. Since then, Fortin has maintained a calm and reassuring image at PHAC briefings, providing a national Distribute the latest information about vaccines within the scope.

In an interview with CBC Radio trend In March last year, he spoke vigorously about allegations of misconduct.

Fording said: “This kind of behavior is totally unacceptable.”

“Soldiers on the battlefield should feel safe because the person next to them can support your back. This is not unique to the battlefield. You should also feel safe at home.”

It is unclear how Fortin’s departure will affect vaccine distribution activities.

He is located in PHAC, a new military-backed hub, the National Operations Center, which aims to help coordinate the deployment of millions of vaccines in the coming months.

In a statement late Friday, Secretary of Defense Hajit Sajyan tried to reassure the public that the general’s arrival will not be interrupted by the general’s absence.

Sajyan said: “We are still focused on deploying the millions of vaccines that will arrive in Canada every week.”

“The men and women of the Canadian Armed Forces will continue to support the deployment of the vaccine and the Canadian government’s response to COVID-19 across Canada. I have no further comment at the moment when the investigation is conducted.

This news is another huge blow to the military. Under the weight of a series of high-profile cases of sexual misconduct, the military was shocked.

Two weeks after his retirement last winter, the retired general Jonathan Vance, the country’s former supreme commander, was accused of wrongdoing. A few weeks later, his successor, Admiral Art McDonald (Art McDonald) voluntarily resigned, after news that he was under investigation by the military and police for alleged sexual misconduct.

General Hayden Edmundson, the former chief of staff of the military, was permanently replaced on Friday and is under investigation after three years of sexual assault charges against him.

The country’s former military operations commander lieutenant general. Christopher Coates is about to retire because a report he published on Postmedia showed that he had an affair with civilians in the US Department of Defense when he was the deputy commander of NORAD.

Major General Peter Dawe, the former commander of special forces, wrote a letter of support in support of soldiers convicted of sexual assault and was given paid leave. Last week, “Global News” reported that the commander lieutenant of the Military Intelligence School. Raphaël Guay was temporarily dismissed during the investigation.


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