Herbert Law Group Builds Awareness of Heat Stress Injuries in the Workplace

Herbert Law Group Builds Awareness of Heat Stress Injuries in the Workplace


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Dallas, TX / February 14, 2019 / — Personal injury attorneys, Herbert Law Group, continue on their quest to build awareness of safe working environments by publishing a new blog to their website on the potential dangers of heat stress in the workplace. Heat stress can cause symptoms from mild discomfort to death. Their recent blog helps workers understand the importance of safe practices in high-temperature environments.

“Texas ranks among the top states for workplace heat stress injuries,” stated Dallas personal injury lawyer Zach Herbert, founder of Herbert Law Group. “Especially in the summer months, when the Texas heat can be nothing short of scorching, it’s important that employees and employers alike are aware of the risk of heat stress injuries.”

This is also true for workers in factories and other buildings where temperature control remains an issue. The consequences of heat stress range from mild to devastating, making it important that workers and employers are aware of the risks.

Herbert Law Group’s most recent blog titled “Why Employees Need to Be Aware of Workplace Heat Stress Injuries,” answers some of the most important questions regarding heat stress in the workplace. These questions include not only the types and symptoms of heat stress, but also which workers are most likely to be at risk. Heat stress can result in time off work and in some cases, a long recovery process. It’s important that workers understand their legal rights when required to work in conditions that might contribute to work-related heat stress.

“One of the most significant concerns of heat stress is that it has a tendency to sneak up on a person and by the time they realize that their symptoms are caused by something other than normal fatigue or a headache, their condition might be advanced to the point that they should seek medical attention,” added Herbert. “Heat stress is a serious health issue that shouldn’t be taken lightly.”

The human body does an amazing job at regulating itself, but exposure to high temperatures for a prolonged period of time can disrupt the body’s ability to self-regulate, leading to symptoms that can escalate rather quickly. Employers have a responsibility to do what they can to mitigate the potential of heat stress, even in environments where they have no control over the temperature.

Herbert Law Group’s goal is to increase awareness of heat stress long before the summer season, which presents the highest risk upon us. For more information about heat stress, Herbert Law Group encourages you to visit their blog.


Herbert Law Group is a team of legal professionals with a specialized focus on personal injury cases. Their success comes from the use of data-backed trial technology and impeccable knowledge of personal injury law. Herbert Law Group is located in Richardson, Texas and serves the greater Dallas-Fort Worth Metro area. They can be contacted through their new website or reached at (214) 414-3808.

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