Texas Truck Accident Lawyer Discusses “Truck Only” Lanes

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If you live or work in a large city, you’ve probably seen “bicycle only” lanes or even lanes reserved specifically for buses or other types of public transport.

Now, the state of Georgia is considering designating certain traffic lanes as “truck only” lanes.

As one media report points out, this is a marked contrast to trucking safety solutions in countries like Australia, where the government has banned semi-trucks from using certain highway lanes.

If the proposed project is put into place, the state will construct two lanes designated for truck traffic only along Interstate 75. The project is estimated to cost $2 billion.

Project organizers say the lanes are needed, as the Port of Savannah is expected to grow significantly over the next few years, which will ramp up semi-truck traffic into and out of the port.

Will Truck Only Lanes Lead to “Truck Platooning” and Longer Combination Vehicles (LCVs)?

One possible area of concern the proposed “truck only” lanes raise is the possibility of the lanes leading to the introduction of so-called “truck platooning” or perhaps longer combination vehicles (LCVs).

“Truck platooning” is the practice of two or more semi-trucks driving in a tight line formation together. The lead truck typically handles navigation, with the trucks in the rear communicating at all times with the lead truck.

Proponents of truck platooning say it saves time, money, and emissions. Opponents say that trucks driving closely together have the potential to cause catastrophic accidents.

The truck only lanes could also prompt lawmakers to change the rules about LCVs. Instead of a truck platooning situation, where multiple trucks travel in a group, an LCV involves a single semi hauling multiple trailers — typically two, sometimes three.

Advocates for truck only lanes say the lanes could be a good solution for the truck driver shortage that has been making it difficult for carrier companies to find drivers for their trucks. They argue that opening up lanes for truck traffic makes it possible for trucks to platoon — or for truckers to drive LCVs — without worrying about maneuvering around other types vehicles on the road.

Texas Truck Accident Lawyer Discusses Truck Only Lanes

Leading Texas truck accident lawyer Amy Witherite states: “If the Georgia truck only lanes project proceeds, it will be the first of its kind in the United States. Because these types of lanes have never been tried in the U.S. before, it remains to be seen whether they will make the roads safer. Researchers will need to keep a close eye on the lanes to determine if they cut down on semi-truck accidents.”     

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