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Although you might think that serious truck wrecks are more likely to occur in the winter months, the opposite is true. Summer is the deadliest time for semi-truck crashes.

As leading truck wreck attorneys, we know that the warm weather months are peak season for serious and deadly truck crashes. If you’re going to be on the road this summer, it’s important to be extra cautious around all traffic, especially trucks.

What Causes the Uptick in Crashes?

There are several reasons why the summer means more truck accidents. Extra road construction, more people on the road, an increase in tire blowouts, and more distracted drivers means that summer is a dangerous time to drive.  Watch our video on commercial trucking regulations.

  1. Increase in Construction – When the weather heats up, the orange construction barrels come out. In many parts of the country, the only time road repair crews can work is during the summer. Even in the south, severe weather such as heavy rain and ice can stop crews from working on much-needed road repairs. If you approach road construction, slow your speed and be vigilant about keeping an eye on the drivers and trucks around you.
  2. Road Trips – Summer is primetime for road trips, which means there are more cars on the road. Texas is a big state with a lot of tourist attractions, including major metropolitan cities and miles of beautiful coastline. Tourists flock to the Lone Star State, and they’re not always cautious when they drive.
  3. Tire Blowouts – Semi-truck tires are very expensive. To save money, truckers and carrier companies retread their tires. This involves stripping off the worn outer layers and gluing new treads to the inner part of the tire. When the tire heats up and cools down — as it does in hot summer weather — the glued portion can separate from the inner portion. This can lead to dangerous blowouts. The popular Discovery Channel show MythBusters even tested whether a tire blowout could be deadly. Their experiments revealed that the velocity of an exploding tire is fast enough to decapitate a test dummy.
  4. Distracted Drivers – Unfortunately, distracted drivers are a threat on the road any time of year. In the summer, however, some drivers and truckers might be more inclined to reach for their phone for the simple fact that they don’t have to drive in snow or icy weather. Clear roads and sunny skies can trick motorists and truckers alike into thinking it’s smooth sailing (or driving) ahead. The reality is that any distraction behind the wheel can lead to a serious or deadly truck crash.  

Texas Truck Wreck Lawyer Discusses Summer Driving

Texas truck accident attorney Amy Witherite states: “As you hit the roads this summer, pay close attention to the motorists and truckers around you. Although you can’t control how other people drive, you can take steps to make sure you drive as safely as possible. This lowers your risk of being involved in a truck accident.”

If you have been injured in a truck accident, contact an experienced Texas truck crash lawyer as soon as possible. You have important rights. Protect them by speaking to a legal team with the experience and knowledge to get you the compensation you deserve.

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