SP Larner Global Dispute Resolution Of Los Angeles Brings Mediation To Hawaii

Muai , HI, US, 06/19/2017 /SubmitPressRelease123/

Dispute Resolution Collaborative, LLC Launches Mediation and Arbitration Office in Maui in collaboration with David R. Johanson of Hawkins Parnell Thackston & Young LLP (“Hawkins Parnell”).
Dr. Saul Larner has been long known for his coined and accurate term, “Settlement is an Art.”
This premier dispute resolution firm offers professional mediation and arbitration solutions for marital dissolutions and business, real estate, agriculture, and commercial conflicts. The goal is to help families, businesses, and others overcome their conflicts in future years.
Furthermore, Dispute Resolution Collaborative, LLC structures Hawaiian Asset Protection Trusts with its set of ideas which serve as effective mediation strategies in dividing assets as well.
SP Larner Global Dispute Resolution, Mr. Johanson of Hawkins Parnell, and  Dispute Resolution Collaborative, LLC strive to resolve conflicts and bring disputed matters to an early conclusion.  As highly-skilled mediators and arbitrators, they prepare and communicate effectively with all parties. They also are experienced in asking the appropriate questions to effect the most logical and usually highly creative solutions necessary to enable everyone to leave the mediation with greater than anticipated results.  
Importantly, one of the goals is for both parties to move forward amicably and to continue their relationships in the future. In the case of marital dissolution, the main focus is to create a harmonious parenting plan, negotiate a financial settlement agreement that is fair, and provide solutions that are effective. Often, mediation even sometimes results in the couple deciding to continue to stay married.
Mediation is a vital tool in settling most disputes. The key to a successful settlement is the preparation and complete understanding of the proposed resolution by all parties. This includes, without limitation, analyzing the assets and properties in question and having a clear and realistic understanding of one’s financial picture before the first mediation session begins. Negotiations can only be effective if they are conducted with the confidence of all parties in that the neutral mediator is totally impartial and respects the confidentiality of all parties.
SP Larner, Mr. Johanson of Hawkins Parnell, and Dispute Resolution Collaborative, LLC also work with foreign national individuals and global firms. They address settlement issues, including currency fluctuations, provide strategies to legally transfer funds into the U.S., and utilize innovative capital and defective grantor trust structures to provide asset protection.
When contemplating a marital dissolution, reality must set in. This includes how property and other assets will be divided as well as the need for a harmonious parenting plan. Here, specialized mediation skills are required to make the transition as smooth as possible.
SP Larner Global Dispute Resolution specializes in high-profile transactions, such as the $50 million Robert Taylor Ranch. Recently, SP Larner mediated a complex patent infringement case for a Chinese manufacturer. The firm mediates difficult cases for high-profile and global individuals and companies.
Please contact Saul Larner of SP Larner Global Dispute Resolution Collaborative. He will cheerfully show you his portfolio of testimonials and credentials. He holds a Ph.D. with specialties in International Economics and Human Resources, an LL.M. (Master of Laws) in International Taxation and a Masters Degree specializing in Real Estate Finance. He frequently receives referrals of clients from law and accounting firms who have found that client issues can only be positively resolved through the mediation process.
SP Larner is a member of various professional organizations including the National Association of Certified Mediators, the Academy of Professional Family Mediators and the Institute of Divorce Financial Analysts. He has written several books and articles and has held classes regarding how to positively resolve conflicts that have been approved by various state bar associations for continuing legal education credits.
Dispute Resolution Collaborative LLC proudly announces their new panel member, David R. Johanson of Hawkins Parnell. He serves as a panel chair arbitrator in complex attorneys’ fees disputes for the Beverly Hills and Santa Monica Bar Associations. He also has lectured for the University of Southern California Mediation Clinic and serves on a pro bono basis approximately 40-50 times each year as a Temporary Judge for the California Superior Court in Los Angeles County. Mr. Johanson has developed a focus there in handling civil harassment and domestic violence temporary restraining order cases.   
With more than 30 years of experience, Mr. Johanson frequently appears on behalf of clients in business and employment-oriented defense litigation before federal and state courts throughout the Mainland and regulatory agencies of all kinds, and has handled tax petitions before the U.S. Tax Court and in dispute resolutions of various kinds. He is the partner-in-charge of the Napa, California office of Hawkins Parnell, and also has offices in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York City. Mr. Johanson is an effective arbitrator if the parties choose not to mediate their disputes and to have it resolved in a more informal and cost effective manner outside of the court system.
If you are ready to negotiate your financial future, please call (808) 649-8318 in Maui or (310) 867-4840 in Los Angeles, or contact SP Larner via www.SettlementIsAnArt.com or [email protected] for a free one-hour consultation. During this time, you will learn how the mediation process can be most effective as the ideal, logical alternative. You will receive a mediation workbook, and Dr. Larner will address any questions or concerns.

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