Philadelphia Truck Accident Lawyer Rand Spear Says Semi Trucks Hit & Run Too

Philadelphia Truck Accident Lawyer Rand Spear Says Semi Trucks Hit & Run Too


Philadelphia, PA, USA, 06/09/2017 /SubmitPressRelease123/

If you imagine a hit and run accident you may think of a speeding car dashing through a red light or a drunk driver’s car careening down the street late at night hitting someone driving at the wrong place at the wrong time. Sometimes the offending vehicle may be far larger than you imagine. It could be a tractor-trailer says Philadelphia truck accident lawyer Rand Spear.

The occupant of a car, a 25-year old man, was killed after a tractor-trailer slammed into the car on the westbound Cross Bronx Expressway in Manhattan in March, according to WPIX. The truck driver didn’t pull over at the time but was later stopped by police at a truck stop.

An Arkansas woman was killed in a hit and run crash involving a tractor-trailer on Interstate 70 in Kansas earlier this month, reports KAKE. She was picking up debris along the side of the highway. The debris had fallen off her vehicle. The Kansas Highway Patrol states a commercial truck that was in the left lane went left of center, struck her and left the scene.

A 24-year-old man was struck and killed by a tractor-trailer in January in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania, according to WGAL. The driver left the scene but was apprehended by the police several hours later. The hit and run occurred along Interstate 81 in the early morning in Silver Spring Township. A tractor-trailer driven by a New York resident pulled over in the northbound lanes, he got out of the truck and was hit by another tractor-trailer.

There could be many reasons why a tractor-trailer driver leaves the scene of an accident.

The driver may hope to get away without being held accountable.

If the driver is convicted of a crime he or she may lose their commercial driver’s license and be unable to work.

Depending on the circumstances, given the size of the truck, the driver may not realize he or she hit anyone or anything.

The driver may have been asleep, fatigued or under the influence of drugs or alcohol and unable to understand what was going on.

If you’ve been involved in this kind of accident, contact the police and get medical attention for any injuries. If you weren’t injured, as far as you can tell, you should get a physical exam as quickly as possible because injury symptoms may be delayed. You should also contact an attorney to learn about your legal rights.

State Farm Insurance also has this advice if you’ve been involved in a hit and run. Get as much information about the driver, car and accident as possible, including:

The license plate number and the state where it was issued

The vehicle’s make, model and color

Description of damage to the other vehicle

The direction the other vehicle was headed

Take photos of the damage to your vehicle 

The location, time and cause of the accident.

Ask witnesses if they have any information about the accident. If they give you or the police a statement, get their names and contact information. Don’t chase after the fleeing driver. You may miss getting eyewitness accounts and the police may wonder if you’re the one who’s really at fault.

Have you been injured in a semi-truck hit and run accident? Don’t wait to speak to a personal injury lawyer about your case. Protect your rights by visiting us on the web or by calling New Jersey and Philadelphia truck accident lawyer Rand Spear now at 877-GET-RAND.


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