New York City Premises Liability Lawyer Discusses Store Liability For Mugging

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In a city as crowded as New York City, pickpockets and muggers are an unfortunate reality. Check any tourism website for any of the world’s major cities, and you’re likely to find ample advice about avoiding a mugger and staying safe on the city’s streets.

Recently, a “veteran thief” who estimates that he mugged over 100 people and is currently serving 25 years to life in a New York maximum security prison told Today how to avoid being a victim of a mugging or similar crime.

But what if you’re the victim of a mugging regardless of how diligently you follow these safety tips? What happens if you’re mugged due to a property owner’s negligence? If an assault could have been prevented, and would not have occurred if the property owner had taken reasonable steps to make the property safe, you could have a claim against the property owner for negligence.

New York Premises Liability and Negligent Security

It’s a general rule of law that property owners have a legal responsibility to make their property free from foreseeable safety hazards. In New York City, building codes impose certain regulations on the owners of stores, bars, office buildings, shops, parking garages, apartment buildings, and many other types of properties. For example, an apartment building with a malfunctioning elevator that hasn’t been inspected or maintained properly is an unreasonable safety risk that could result in someone getting injured or killed. In that situation, the building’s owner is liable for any injuries or deaths that occur due to the lack of maintenance.

Similarly, property owners also have a duty to ensure their properties are safe from unreasonable security risks. Examples include a lack of adequate lighting in a parking garage, failure to hire and retain security personnel at a bar, or malfunctioning locks on windows or doors. Property owners who neglect to keep their stores, shops, restaurants, bars, and other properties secure can be held responsible for injuries or deaths that occur as a result.

NYC Premises Liability Lawyer Discusses Negligent Security

New York City premises liability lawyer Jonathan C. Reiter states, “No matter how careful you are, you can’t control what property owners do on their own property. Unfortunately, some property owners attempt to save money by cutting corners on essential safety needs, such as surveillance cameras, security guards, and proper lighting.”   

If you have been injured in a mugging or other incident involving a violent crime, and you believe negligent security contributed to the attack, contact a New York City premises liability lawyer as soon as possible to discuss the options in your case.

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