What You Can Do To Share The Road Safely With Pennsylvania’s Commercial Vehicles

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There were close to 7,000 accidents that involved tractor trailers in Pennsylvania in 2015. Despite the preventative measures taken by Penn DOT to display warning signs alongside Pennsylvania’s busy highways, auto accidents still occur.   

When it comes to transporting goods across the state, truck drivers are charged with the task of following protocols to secure loads and prevent accidents. But, often times unsecured loads or truck malfunctions lead to injury and death of innocent travelers.

In fact, Pennsylvania is home to many dangerous commercial vehicle companies. These trucking companies were responsible for 27 fatalities in 2015. FedEx Ground Package Systems was responsible for five deaths between 2015-2017, and Septa was responsible for the loss of four lives and 478 injuries during that same two-year stretch.


What this means to Pennsylvania drivers is that it’s time to learn how to share the road with these commercial vehicles.  


Attorney Joel Kofsky, a Philadelphia accident attorney, has dealt with many families who have been involved in accidents with trucks. He cautions drivers, “Truck drivers are crucial to our economy, and we need them to transport goods across the state. If you can learn how to share the road with these commercial vehicles properly, you will be much safer driving on Pennsylvania’s highways.”


A few ways that drivers can exercise caution when traveling near tractor trailers is to follow the “No Zone” advice of the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance.


  • The first “No Zone” is in front of a tractor trailer. Their hoods are big and long which creates a blind spot that makes it hard to see smaller cars.
  • The second “No Zone” is on the driver’s side of tractor trailers. Drivers should avoid the area from the middle of the cab to the middle of the trailer to stay out of a tractor trailer’s blind spot.
  • The third “No Zone” is the entire passenger side of a large tractor trailer. These vehicles make wide turns that can take more than one lane. It’s wise to stay out of this area so that you are not pushed off the road.
  • The final “No Zone” is behind a tractor trailer.  A good rule to follow to ensure you are far enough behind the truck is to make sure you can see both mirrors on the cab.

Accidents that involve commercial vehicles can become complicated to sort out because big companies have big legal teams. For this reason, if you are involved in a truck accident, be sure to seek legal help to ensure you get all the help you need to recover.

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