Work Zone Accidents Are On the Rise According To Philly Accident Lawyer

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Many times, these work zone crashes result in serious injury for both drivers and construction workers. The increase in accidents may be, in part, due to distracted drivers and failure to take work safety precautions. However, many accidents can be attributed to negligence in the work zone.


82% of work zone fatalities are drivers or passengers. Failure to post proper signage, especially for highway construction, are the most common type of work zone negligence. In 28% of all crashes, speeding in the work area was a factor. Among worker fatalities, the leading cause was being hit by a construction vehicle followed by being struck with building materials.


To cut down on work zone related accidents and fatalities, the DOT is placing more emphasis on reaching out to the public and educating them about safety in work zones. However, this plan may be proving to be statistically ineffective. As the number of improvement projects increase, spending is not growing at a steady rate. Funding may be cut by as much as 6% in 2017. That lack of funding has to show up somewhere. It could be in less signage, workers that have not been trained in proper safety procedures, or failure to spend the time setting up safety precautions for smaller, rural jobs.


Philadelphia accident attorney Joel Kofsky advises, “To protect yourself, be wary of construction zones. With the help of a traffic app on your phone or the standard 511 traffic hotline for your area, you can learn where to expect road construction zones. If the road work crews have failed to set out proper or damaged signage, you now know what to look for. That knowledge, along with standard safe driving practices, can save your life and help reduce road work fatalities overall. “


As a driver, remember to keep your speed down in work zones and avoid any distractions. Turn the radio off and wait to check your phone. Avoid changing lanes, watch out for the other drivers, but keep an eye on the construction crew, too. Remaining patient as well as vigilant is key to keeping you safe.


If you or someone you know has been in a work zone accident, reach out for legal help immediately.

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