The Roads Truckers Call The Most Dangerous In America

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When it comes to knowing the roads, perhaps no other profession has as deep of a knowledge base as truck drivers. Semi-truck operators spend their workdays crisscrossing the country, and they’re exposed to all sorts of road conditions.

Although it’s not always possible to avoid a particular stretch of road, it helps to know which roads have a reputation for being especially dangerous. According to one commercial trucking site, here are the top 13 worst roads in the U.S. based on truck drivers’ experiences as well as data from the Department of Transportation and other organizations.


  • I-10 in Arizona


Arizona’s I-10 is the fourth-longest interstate highway as well as the southernmost interstate highway. Its 150-mile span from Phoenix to the California border sees about 85 fatalities each year.


  • I-95 in Connecticut


Running north and south from Maine all the way to Miami, I-95 is one of the country’s oldest highways. Altogether, it stretches over 1,900 miles. Because it runs through numerous heavily populated areas, it accounts for many highway fatalities.


  • Dalton Highway in Alaska


Alaska’s Dalton Highway is dangerous because of its meandering route through mountainous terrain — with just one fuel stop and little access to emergency help if needed.


  • Highway 2 in Montana


The University of Minnesota claims that Montana’s Highway 2 has the highest traffic death rate of any other region. Winter weather and an 80-minute wait time for an ambulance makes the highway especially treacherous.


  • Highway 550 in Colorado


A specific 25-mile stretch of Highway 550 is particularly twisting and winding, with heights that reach up to 11,000 feet. This dangerous stretch of highway also lacks shoulders and guardrails.


  • California & Arizona’s I-15


The most heavily traveled section of I-15 sees a lot of Las Vegas tourist traffic. It has high rates of drunk driving accidents and injuries due to low seat belt use.


  • California’s Route 138


Route 138 runs through the Mojave Desert and has been named the “Highway of Death” after a five-year period in which 56 people were killed and 875 were injured.


  • I-285 in Georgia


At 64 miles long, I-285 loops around the city of Atlanta. It sees about 2 million vehicles each day.


  • I-26 in South Carolina


Between 2000 and 2010, there were 286 accidents that claimed 325 lives on I-26, which has been called South Carolina’s most dangerous road.


  • US 431 in Alabama


The 98-mile section of US 431 that runs between Phenix City (yes, it is spelled “Phenix”), Alabama and Dothan. The Alabama stretch has a reputation for being extremely dangerous.


  • US 24 Fort Wayne to Toledo


Built in 1926, US Route 24 is a main commercial route between Toledo, Ohio and Fort Wayne, Indiana. For decades, the narrow road saw an overwhelming number of serious accidents, leading to its nickname, “The Killway.”


  • US 6 in Utah


Because it’s a curvy road in an area that experiences a lot of ice and snow, US 6 is particularly dangerous.


  • US 129 in North Carolina


One section of US 129 in North Carolina has 318 curves in just 11 miles, earning its spot in the top 13 most dangerous roads.

Truck accident lawyer Amy Witherite of 1-800-Truck-Wreck explains, “Some roads are more dangerous than others. Before you get behind the wheel, know your route and identify any potential hazards, such as winding curves or bad weather. Adjust your speed or even your route to make sure you stay safe. Although you can’t always avoid a careless driver, you can take steps to make sure you’re not putting yourself in harm’s way when it comes to driving factors that you can control.”

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