Big Data and Trucking Safety

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A team of researchers at Iowa State University claim that big data could improve safety (1) and productivity in the trucking industry.

In this context, “big data” refers to the wealth of information gathered by state traffic centers, commercial carrier companies, and truck drivers. The researchers believe that sharing this data across various points of the trucking industry could improve delivery performance, minimize idle time, and boost safety.

Researchers Say ELDs Could Be Used for More Than Logging Hours

The research team surveyed more than 24 logistics and tech providers, commercial carriers, and various types of haulers to identify which types of trucking-related problems could benefit most from more accessible data. The top problems identified were weather conditions, points of congestion, accidents, road conditions, parking availability, and construction projects.

Researchers also noted that their goal was to improve safety, not create more distractions for truck drivers. The team stated that the use of electronic logging devices (ELDs) could be incorporated into data sharing to improve safety on the roads.

The federal government has already mandated that semi-trucks make the switch from paper logs to ELDs (2) by December 18, 2017.

Researchers believe that incorporating other pertinent information into an ELD system could improve safety rates and reduce the incidence of near-misses and collisions. Although it’s possible to include some of the data in an app, the research team believed this would only create distractions that could actually result in more accidents.  

Texas truck accident lawyer Amy Witherite explains, “Technology is part of everyday life for most people, and truck drivers are no exception. Because they spend their working hours on the road, even a quick glance down at a smartphone can be disastrous. By using ELDs as a way of getting important information to carriers and drivers, the industry might be able to reduce distractions and improve safety for everyone on the road.”

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