Atlanta Truck Accident Lawyer Discusses Toxic Semi Crash

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More often than not, semi-truck accidents are serious collisions that result in major injuries. Most people think of the size and weight of semis as being the biggest dangers in a crash. However, it’s also important to pay attention to what the truck is carrying in its trailer.

A recent crash between two semi-trucks in Murfreesboro, Tennessee demonstrates how cargo can be just as dangerous and deadly as the truck itself in an accident.

As reported by ABC News, law enforcement and government officials in Tennessee have ordered people in the area to stay inside after two semi-trucks crashed on a nearby highway. In some neighborhoods, local officials have even evacuated residents.

Chemical Spill and Fire  

One truck was carrying chemicals and cleaning supplies used to clean swimming pools. When the trucks collided, the trailer burst open, spewing toxic chemicals across the highway and into the air. The chemicals included chlorine and other corrosives.

Cleanup efforts have been thwarted by the very nature of the chemicals, which can oxidize when exposed to water. This means hazmat crews can’t necessarily hose the chemicals off the road for fear of sending clouds of chlorine and other harmful substances into the air.

Although chlorine is not flammable, it throws off fumes that can ignite if exposed to gasoline — something that is obviously a concern in a collision involving two semis. Because one of the semis caught fire during the crash, fire crews had to use extreme caution when putting out the blaze. In some cases, firefighters will use a foam substance to extinguish a chemical fire.

Chemical Fires Can Be Deadly

Another report says the highway where the crash occurred was completely shut down for 18 hours.

The National Institutes of Health warns that inhaling chemical fumes like chlorine, even at a low level, can cause respiratory distress, chest pains, and even death.

Atlanta truck accident lawyer Amy Witherite explains, “This is certainly not the first time a semi carrying toxic materials has crashed. There have been other cases involving spillage of dangerous chemicals and other substances. This is why many companies that transport hazardous chemicals have strict standards for the drivers they employ. If someone is going to be driving thousands of pounds of toxic chemicals across the country, passing cities and other cars along the way, they should be an expert truck driver with a spotless driving record. It’s a huge responsibility to drive these trucks.”

If you or a loved one has been hurt in a semi-truck accident, it’s important to understand that these are extremely complicated cases that require the help and support of a truck crash lawyer. Call a truck accident attorney today to discuss the next steps in your case.  

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