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Most people don’t think of fish bowls when they imagine a dangerous product. However, a recent penalty assessed against pet product retailer PetSmart demonstrates why it’s important for all manufacturers and retailers to follow the law when it comes to keeping dangerous products off their shelves.

According to a press release from the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), PetSmart has agreed to pay a $4.25 million civil penalty for failing to report certain fish bowls sold by its stores. The glass fish bowls contained a defect that posed an unreasonable risk of injury. Shaped like a brandy snifter with a small pedestal bottom, the fish bowls are sized to hold 1.75 gallons of water.

The fish bowls, which were manufactured by “Top Fin” and “Grreat Choice” (misspelling intentional) were made of glass that contained a flaw that made the bowls prone to cracking, breaking, and shattering during regular use. PetSmart received 19 reports of injuries, including 12 reports of serious injuries. In some cases, consumers suffered deep lacerations that needed stitches. Three consumers suffered severed tendons that required surgical repair.

An investigation by the CPSC revealed that PetSmart failed to identify the correct number of bowls affected, as well as the correct distribution dates of the affected products. Initially, the retailer recalled just 10,200 fish bowls in 2014. Due to the misidentification, it had to expand its recall to 81,300 fish bowls in 2015. The recall affects consumers in both the U.S. and Canada.

In addition to paying the penalty, PetSmart has also agreed to implement an enhanced system of internal procedures to help it comply with the Consumer Product Safety Act.

If you suspect you have an affected fish bowl in your home, you can contact the CPSC or a special PetSmart phone number to receive a refund. PetSmart and the CPSC advise all consumers who own the fish bowls to stop using them. 

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