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The semi-truck driver has been charged with reckless homicide, which is a felony. Says Atlanta Truck Wreck Lawyer.

A domestic dispute may have led to a fatal semi-truck crash in O’Fallon, Illinois. According to one report, the driver, who is based in Augusta, Georgia, caused a multi-vehicle pileup on an Illinois highway. Tragically, one of the cars involved in the chain reaction crash flipped, killing the driver inside. Four other motorists sustained injuries.

Police say they responded to a call claiming that a woman had jumped from a moving semi-truck outside a McDonald’s restaurant. However, when police arrived on the scene, they saw a multi-vehicle pileup on the nearby highway. Investigators discovered that five vehicles were involved in the crash. Police say the truck’s driver was involved in an argument with a female passenger at the time of the crash.

The semi-truck driver has been charged with reckless homicide, which is a felony. Although the police refused to disclose the results of drug and alcohol testing performed on the truck’s driver, they acknowledged that the results contributed to the reckless homicide charge. Another report says that the driver faces between two and five years in prison if convicted.

Are Semi Drivers Allowed to Have Passengers?

Because the reports in this case state that the incident started out as a domestic disturbance, it’s possible that the woman involved in the dispute was riding as a passenger in the semi-truck.

Unlike drivers of regular vehicles, semi-truck operators must follow strict rules when it comes to carrying passengers in their trucks. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) permits passengers in semis in just a handful of circumstances:

  • The passenger is an employee, such as a partner operator who is part of a driving team.
  • The carrier company has given written permission for the passenger to be in the truck, and the permission includes the starting and stopping point of the trip, as well as dates of travel.
  • The semi-truck driver is assisting with an emergency.

In certain cases, a passenger can be a distraction. Although it’s still unclear exactly what happened in this accident, it’s possible that the truck driver and his female passenger were involved in a personal relationship that had taken a downward turn. Any time a semi-truck driver is occupied by personal conflicts or high levels of stress, he or she is not fully focused on the demanding task of driving a semi-truck.

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