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Drive down any highway, and you are likely to see what some people call “road gators.” These are strips of tire treads reminiscent of the back of an alligator — hence the name road gator. Although these road hazards can come from any vehicle, they are often left behind by semi-trucks. Unfortunately, they can be just as deadly as their namesake if you accidentally hit one.

If you have been injured in a semi-truck accident or an accident involving debris left behind by a semi-truck, it’s important to get a Texas truck accident lawyer working on your case as soon as possible.

The Hazards of Retreaded Tires

Your car’s tires look a lot different than the tires used on an 18-wheeler. For one thing, a truck’s tires are reinforced with steel, which makes them sturdy enough to handle up to 80,000 pounds of truck, trailer, and cargo. Truck tires are also much larger than a typical car’s tires. These massive wheels tip the scales at over 70 pounds and can be up to 10 feet long when the tread is separated from the wheel. Semi tires are also quite costly compared to standard tires. Prices for a single new semi-truck tire range between $300 and $1,200.

To get more use out of these expensive tires, many truck companies retread them, which means they remove the worn tread and apply an entirely new tread to the tire’s casing. Some retreading companies attach the new tread with cement, whereas others use a molding and curing process for retreading.

Although retreading is generally safe and very common in the industry, the replacement treads can separate from the casing, leaving a potentially dangerous strip of tire in the road. If an unsuspecting motorist strikes one, it can cause a serious accident.

Tips for Avoiding Road Gators

According to motor vehicle safety experts, the summer months are an especially dangerous time for retreaded tires, as temperature fluctuations and extreme heat can cause changes and shifting in the tire and the adhesive used to hold the new tread in place. To stay safe behind the wheel, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Always scan the road ahead of your vehicle. You can usually spot a strip of tread in the road.
  • Don’t try to swerve around a piece of tire tread. Instead, slow down and make sure the lane next to you is clear. If you have clearance, simply drive around it.
  • If you see a semi stopped on the side of the road, be alert for strips of tire. With so many tires on their trailers, semi drivers must often contend with tire maintenance. There may be strips of tire tread lying around next to the semi-truck.

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