Do Truckers Drive Next to Each Other on Purpose?

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If you have a long commute, or you just drive on the highway a lot, you probably get annoyed at a truck driver every now and then. No matter how courteous and professional a truck driver is, there is no getting around the fact that semi-trucks are large vehicles that take up a great deal of space on the road. They are also tall and boxy, which makes it tough to see around them.

In fact, if you have ever seen a group of semis or even just a couple in the same vicinity, it may seem like they deliberately drive next to each other, straddling the highway and blocking other vehicles from passing them. If you have ever wondered why semis do this, the answer may surprise you.

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Trucker Says Drivers Don’t Deliberately Block Traffic

According to one trucker’s blog, truck drivers aren’t deliberately trying to block traffic when they drive next to each other. Instead, it’s likely that one truck driver is simply trying to pass the other because he would like to drive faster. What many motorists don’t realize is that semi-trucks take a long time to speed up and slow down, often shifting through more than 10 gears as they accelerate and decelerate. They also burn through a lot of fuel, which often affects how much a truck driver gets paid.

For a typical car, slowing down to let another motorist pass is not a big deal. Most people don’t even think about how it might affect their fuel. For a semi-truck, however, even letting up on the gas pedal for a second can seriously slow a truck down. As the blogger explains, slowing down by just two miles per hour on an incline can create a fuel-burning chain reaction that just slows a truck down even more.

The blogger also says that truck drivers dislike driving next to each other, as it is dangerous for them to drive so closely to each other. In most cases, they are not happy about blocking traffic — it just takes them a long time to pass each other.

As a motorist, it’s important to remember that lingering next to a semi-truck is dangerous. Tractor-trailers have large blind spots on either side of the trailer. If you drive next to one, the truck driver may not always see you, although there are mirrors that truckers can purchase to reduce their blind spots.

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