Could Mounted Cameras Reduce Trucking Accidents?

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In recent years, many police departments around the country have started using body cameras and mounted cameras in their patrol cars in an effort to make officers more accountable. In some cases, these cameras have also exonerated officers accused of inappropriate conduct.

Now, trucking companies are turning to a similar concept for their trucks and truck operators. Although mounted cameras are not currently required by law, some industry insiders and lawmakers would like to see them become mandatory.

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Are Current Trucking Regulations Enough?

The trucking industry is regulated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), which sets rules that govern how truck carriers and their drivers are allowed to operate. For example, the federal hours-of-service rules determine how long truck drivers are allowed to be on the road without stopping to rest. There are also rules for keeping electronic logbooks, driving with a passenger, and performing routine maintenance on semi-trucks.

In some cases, truck companies voluntarily choose to go beyond what the rules require. According to one report, about 400,000 semi-trucks in the United States are already outfitted with cameras. The dual-lens cameras record the inside of the truck’s cab, as well as the road in front of the truck. One of the main manufacturers of the cameras reports that its business increased by 80 percent in 2015, as more truck companies have opted to install the cameras. A New Jersey trucking company says its accident frequency has dropped by 50 percent since it installed cameras in its trucks. The cameras have also caused the company’s insurance rates to go down by 30 percent.

Not All Truck Drivers Happy about Cameras

On the other hand, some truck drivers claim the cameras are an invasion of privacy. For a truck driver, the inside of the truck cab is a bit like an office. The truck operator’s entire day takes place in the cabin. For some, the idea of being recorded throughout the day is unpleasant.

However, other truck drivers feel that the loss of privacy is far outweighed by the benefits the cameras offer. Several major truck companies have started offering their drivers a bonus for every month they drive without an infraction. With the cameras on board, it’s easier for truck drivers to prove that they are complying with FMCSA rules.  

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