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You have probably heard many stories — and seen many movies — about dreadful family law cases involving divorce or child custody issues. The good news is that your case doesn’t have to be like that.

Many of the horror stories you hear involve a contentious court battle, but it is possible to avoid going to court altogether by using alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods. Not only can ADR methods lessen the emotional toll of family law issues, they can also be a much more cost-effective way to settle disputes.

Here are a few ADR methods that our firm offers, along with a short explanation of each:

Negotiation: This is the informal process of your attorney negotiating with the other party’s attorney in effort to reach an out of court settlement. Settlement negotiations are kept private and confidential.

Mediation: This process involves a neutral mediator who facilitates negotiations between the parties. The mediator doesn’t offer legal advice or make any decisions, but he or she can help offer options for settlement. Mediation can take place with or without lawyers, and the settlement reached remains private.

Collaborative law: This process removes the possibility of going to court completely so that the parties and their lawyers focus solely on reaching a private settlement. Other professionals such as therapists, child specialist, CPAs and valuation experts may also be used as resources during the settlement process for added support.

Arbitration: This process involves hiring a trained arbitrator to act as a judge and make the decisions in the case. Arbitration offers parties privacy, flexibility and the ability to speed up the divorce process.

Parent coordination: This process involves using a trained individual who helps the parties reach a child custody agreement and develop methods for collaborative parenting. In some cases, the parent coordinators may have the authority to make decisions about the parenting plan.

You can find out more information about mediation, collaborative law, arbitration and parent coordination on website. Keep in mind that it is also possible to use a combination of ADR methods to settle your family law dispute.


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