Love-Robinson Poses No Threat says Defense attorney Andrew Stine

West Palm Beach, 03/31/2016 /SubmitPressRelease123/

The Palm Beach County Office of the State Attorney mistakenly believes Malachi Love-Robinson practiced medicine, says West Palm Beach criminal defense attorney Andrew Stine.

The Palm Beach County Office of the State Attorney Florida may be prosecuting Malachi Love-Robinson because the office mistakenly believes he was practicing medicine without a license, says his defense attorney, West Palm Beach criminal defense lawyer Andrew Stine in a recent Google+ hangout. Stine says there are legitimate reasons the State of Florida would want to prevent someone from acting as a physician, without a valid Florida Medical License, but Love-Robinson was operating a medical clinic, not practicing medicine and there is a distinct difference. Anyone can own a medical clinic.

Stine says, his client probably came to the attention of law enforcement partial because of his youth; 18 years old, and because of unfounded fears that he may harm the public as a fraud practicing medicine without a license. “The state’s attorney’s office is being aggressive, because they believe the public could be severely injured by someone posing as a medical doctor, when in fact they are not licensed through the State of Florida,” Stine says.

The State of Florida licenses a number of professions, including nurses, attorneys, physicians, public accountants and many others, defense attorney Stine says. “Agencies that oversee these individuals, who are licensed have a duty to the public but also to these professions and professionals who are licensed to make sure citizens are not posing fraudulently as certified licensed individuals,” Stine says.

He says, owners of medical practices or clinics cannot share fees with physicians, as this is not unethical and illegal but owners can still profit from the operation and not be licensed doctors. “You can rent out the space in the location to the medical doctor. The medical doctor would do the billing separately from the rent of the location and equipment,” Stine says. For example, it is not uncommon for hospitals to lease space to separately practicing physicians and groups such as MRI and radiology providers that are located in the hospital and may be the only source for X-rays for those visiting the emergency room.  There is no way for the general public to tell that this arrangement even exists.

Stine says, there is no evidence that Love-Robinson was trying to prescribe any medications or drugs or was trying to sell them to anyone; and he naturally faces no drug related charges. He was originally arrested for practicing medicine without a license, in February and allegations of grand theft were later added. The charges are related to Love-Robinson’s operation of the New Life Alternative Medicine and Urgent Care Clinic in West Palm Beach.

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