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Laws touch every facet of our lives in some way, from contracts such as leases and business agreements to family matters like divorce and child custody.  If the people involved cannot find any way to settle their disputes, the only thing left may be to let the judge decide.
In a perfect world, we could all hire attorneys whenever we had a legal problem. However, legal fees can be expensive.  A knowledgeable and effective attorney is worth every penny. But if an individual does not have the dollars to hire him, the only choice is to proceed pro se. Legal proceedings require complex paperwork and strict deadlines. Legal aid services are underfunded and overburdened. Their intake guidelines are such that they can only assist a very small portion of the people who request their help.
Document preparation companies fill the void between unaffordable attorney’s fees and going without any help at all. While a document preparation service is NOT a substitute for an attorney, it is absolutely better than no help whatsoever.
“Our document service is actually a classic solution to a recurring problem,” explains Sheila Smith, owner of Fundamental Document Services. “There is a need and so we fill it.” Many consumers need nothing more than document preparation and information. They know what they want to do, they just need a little help to get it done.
Fundamental Document Services is located in West Palm Beach, Florida, and serves the entire state of Florida (excluding Miami-Dade) helping customers who represent themselves. The company also offers virtual services for their customer’s convenience.
Fundamental Document Services recently re-launched their website with a convenient customer friendly interface which displays a clear breakdown of the document services and divorce packages offered. All are flat rate services at affordable prices. The specific documents and forms included in each of the packages and services are clearly listed — there is no confusion as to what customers are getting.
Document preparation companies frequently serve customers who are under stress from personal and financial matters. Typically a customer will choose the document needed, then a document preparer will prepare those documents quickly and accurately. Document preparers are allowed to provide information and answer questions about procedure, such as: “What comes next?” They can answer specific questions about timelines, court rules, and general procedure. When you are representing yourself and working with Fundamental Document Services, if your case suddenly becomes contested, Fundamental Document Services will gladly refer you to an attorney who offers unbundled services. Consumers save by using a document preparer and an attorney who offers unbundled services.
“We are not in business to replace attorneys, and we recommend that individuals seek the service of an attorney before attempting self-representation. However, in many cases finances stand in the way of consumers ability to retain legal counsel. We are an alternative to going without any help at all.”
To learn more about how Fundamental Document Services can assist you in preparing and filing your documents, visit their website or call (888) 225-4092 or [email protected]

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