Texas Internet Lawyer Reveals How to Set Up a Business Website

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Texas Internet Lawyer and entrepreneur Mike Young has just released a new complimentary guide called “How to Set Up a Business Website in 15 Steps or Less.”

According to Attorney Young, the guide is based upon his more than 20 years representing Internet businesses as well as being the co-owner of several ecommerce companies.

The guide covers many website topics that are useful for both entrepreneurs setting up their first website and existing website owners looking to improve their sites by taking some simple effective actions. It applies if you only want to sell online or already have a brick-and-mortar business that you want to expand online with a new or improved website.

In addition to revealing what to do, the guide provides you with helpful links to 64 resources that include tutorials or tools for the following:

•    Selection of products and services
•    Pricing
•    Domain name selection and registration
•    Website hosting
•    Content management system (CMS) selection and installation
•    Website design
•    Social media integration
•    Affiliate programs
•    Shopping carts and payment processing
•    Cross-sells, up-sells, and down-sells
•    Time-saving automation
•    Email marketing
•    Publicity
…and much more.

“Many entrepreneurs have paid tens of thousands of dollars for a website with nothing to show for it,” Texas Internet Lawyer Young said. “The Internet is filled with websites that don’t make sales because they were built to be slick and flashy instead of to make sales. This guide shows you how to set up a site that converts using mostly free resources and your time.”

You can get your copy of the free business website guide at this link.

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By Mike Young Texas Internet Lawyer

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