Did Malachi A. Love-Robinson Break the Law?

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Did Malachi A. Love-Robinson Break the Law? Criminal defense attorney Andrew D. Stine Explains

One can own and operate a medical practice without being a licensed doctor in the State of Florida, according to West Palm Beach criminal defense attorney Andrew D. Stine.

Big Difference in Florida Law Between Owning a Medical Practice and Practicing Medicine

West Palm Beach (Press Release) —  Under Florida law, there are virtually no restrictions to owning a medical practice, while there are many requirements before you can practice medicine in the state, according to West Palm Beach criminal defense attorney Andrew Stine. Stine represents Malachi A. Love-Robinson, who faces charges in Palm Beach County including practicing medicine without a license.

“Anyone can own a medical clinic or doctor’s office in the state of Florida,” Stine says in a Google+ Hangout, “You don’t need to meet special educational requirements. You do not need to have a medical license, meaning you don’t have to be a medical doctor or a doctor of osteopathy.”

Stine says, if someone who’s not a medical doctor owns such a practice, the medical professionals cannot share fees with the owner. “That would create a conflict of interest between the owners, the doctors and the care of the patient, which must be paramount.” But one can purchase a doctor’s office, buy equipment and hire a licensed doctor to practice medicine in the clinic.

You must be a licensed medical doctor to practice medicine in the State of Florida, Stine says. “You must have graduated from medical school, completed an internship and passed all educational and state certification requirements.” Stine says, once those requirements are met, the person can legally prescribe medications and tests as well as treat patients.

“However that’s completely different from owning a location of a medical practice and you do not need to be an MD,” Stine emphasized. Love-Robinson is facing grand theft charges and allegations he practiced medicine without a license at the New Birth New Life Medical Center & Urgent Care, LLC, office located in West Palm Beach.

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