Major Causes of Large Truck Accidents in Texas By Eagle Pass Truck Wreck Lawyers

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Eagle Pass Truck Crash Lawyers 1800 Truck Wreck Lawyers Help Families Affected by Big Rig Crashes

The most recent Census data estimates the population to be approximately 27,700. The city has a relatively small population compared to others in the state; however, it and surrounding areas are home to a number of business entities in industries such as manufacturing and freight forwarding and transportation. Although these industries help contribute to a thriving economy, they also contribute to a growth in commercial truck travel, which unfortunately can also result in an increase in injurious truck accidents.

U.S. Highway 57, U.S. Highway 277, and State Highway 131 are three major highways that run through Eagle Pass, and see major commercial truck travel throughout the year. The number of crashes that occur on these highways annually help comprise the thousands of truck crashes injuries reported for the state of Texas each year.

According to statistics from the Texas Department of Transportation more than 15,000 truck crashes occur in the state annually. In a past study by the Federal Motor Carrier Administration, the following were deemed the most common causes of truck accidents in Texas and other states in the US:

  • Speeding
  • Truck driver fatigue
  • Truck driver distractions such as cell phone use
  • The use of over the counter medications by truck drivers prior to getting on the road
  • The use of illicit drugs, which impacts the performance and reaction times of truck drivers

Across the country, the number of injuries that result from these types of accidents is more than an estimated 130,000 annually. Individuals in passenger vehicles typically suffer the worst injuries in approximately 98 percent of truck accidents. Data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration also shows that large trucks are more likely to become involved in a fatal multi-vehicle accident than passenger vehicles.


“In 2012, large trucks were more likely to be involved in a fatal multiple-vehicle crash as opposed to a fatal single-vehicle crash than were passenger vehicles (81% of fatal crashes involving large trucks are multiple-vehicle crashes, compared with 58% for fatal crashes involving passenger vehicles). Nearly 18 percent of all large-truck drivers involved in fatal crashes in 2012 had at least one prior speeding conviction.”

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Because truck accidents frequently result in traumatic injuries to victims, many resort to pursuing personal injury claims for damages from those responsible.

What Exactly Can an Eagle Pass Truck Wreck Lawyer Do for Truck Crash Victims?

In cases where a person has been hurt by the negligence or wrongful actions of a truck driver or trucking company, there are legal options available for recovering financial damages incurred. However, many victims are unaware of what their options are in these cases and require professional help.

An Eagle Pass truck accident attorney can not only help victims and their families understand what avenues they can pursue for the recovery of damages in accordance with Texas personal injury laws, but can also be their lifeline for fighting the legal battle when challenges arise. Injured accident victims typically have difficulty dealing with legal matters on their own when trying to recover from the physical and emotional distress imposed on them from an accident. Therefore seeking out professional legal help is often a worthwhile option.

If you or a loved one has been hurt in a truck crash in Eagle Pass or a surrounding area, contact the Eagle Pass truck wreck lawyers of Eberstein Witherite LLP for help today. The firm’s 1-800-TRUCK-WRECK helpline is always open.


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