YouTube Channel Puts Spotlight on Plano Bad Drivers

02/03/2016 // 1-800-Car-Wreck // (press release)

Plano, Texas may not be featured on any lists for having the worst drivers compared to other cities in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, but like every city, it is a place where a number of traffic accidents occur due to bad driving behaviors. As one teen recently began taking notice of, so do a number of near misses.

Over the last several months, one teen has been capturing some of the worst driving behaviors displayed by drivers in Plano and posting the video footage online. He uses dashcam video to make the recordings. As reported by CNN Wire, the teen has expressed hopes that in documenting his behind the wheel experiences, other drivers may become motivated to practice safer habits stating, “When they see the videos, I mean, maybe they will think twice.”

Source: KDVR News “Teen turns bad driving videos into YouTube channel”

“PLANO, Texas — Motorists in the Plano, Texas area may want to pay closer attention to how they’re driving. A teenager is capturing examples of sloppy driving and posting them online for all to see. You may be this driver who cut him off in traffic or this one driving the wrong way down a Plano street.

“When they see the videos, I mean, maybe they will think twice,” says the teen. Marc McKennon has spent the last ten months documenting his experiences behind the wheel for a YouTube channel he created called Bad Drivers of Plano, Texas.

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The teen has also stated that the videos are not meant to single out or embarrass anyone, but to bring awareness about the dangerous driving habits that some in and around Collin County engage in everyday.

Common Driving Behaviors That Put Texas Drivers and Passengers at Risk

As videos like those featured on video sharing social media channels like the aforementioned illustrate, there are preventable negligent behaviors that drivers engage in on the road everyday that put others at risk. These include speeding, cutting drivers off, tailgating, and allowing distractions like cell phone use to take their focus off of the road. According to Plano accident attorney Amy Witherite of 1800 Car Wreck, some bad driving behaviors have become so commonplace that many drivers fail to recognize the scope of the risks they are taking with certain actions. Says the Plano injury lawyer “it’s a sad fact that so many drivers today will not hesitate to take their hands off the steering wheel to take a phone call, respond to a text, or even view a post on social media. Thousands of people are injured in the state of Texas every year as a result of these and other all too common bad driving behaviors.”

Data from the Texas Department of Transportation shows that over 17,000 injuries and 3,500 traffic accident related deaths occurred in the state of Texas in 2014. TxDOT data also shows that in the city of Plano the same year, a total of 5,200 motor vehicle accidents occurred with hundreds of injuries resulting. Witherite says that as staggering as the numbers may be, they still represent only a fraction of the injurious traffic accidents that occur nationwide stating “Nationally, more than two million people are injured each year due to accidents. Two million! With access to the technologies and awareness we have today, so many people being injured in preventable accidents is simply inexcusable. In many cases, it all boils down to carelessness.”

The Bad Drivers of Plano, Texas YouTube channel currently has garnered more than 2,800 views.

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