Florida Based DUI Defense Attorney Andrew Stine Offers Advice on DUI

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If you’re arrested for DUI in Florida, you should be concerned about more than just having your license suspended and possibly serving jail time. Those facing DUI charges also face many financial penalties, if they are convicted, according to West Palm Beach DUI defense attorney Andrew Stine, who recently appeared in a A DUI conviction in Florida

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Stine says there are many penalties for a driver after a DUI conviction, including:

·       Possible jail sentence and lost income during that time,

·       Probation and associated costs,

·       Fees for Mothers Against Drunk Driving, DUI school and the victim impact program,

·       Increased auto insurance rates possibly from $3,000 to $5,000 a year,

·       Court fines and costs which can be $2,000 or higher, and

·       Driver’s license revocation for months.

The best way to try to avoid these costs and the loss of liberty is to hire an experienced DUI defense attorney, who not only knows the law but also knows how the criminal justice system works. Just because a person has been arrested for DUI doesn’t mean that person is guilty of the crime of DUI.

Stine says, after the arrest an assistant state attorney will receive a packet of information from the police officer who arrested the suspected DUI driver. The assistant state attorney will review the DUI arrest packet and decide what criminal charges, if any, will be filed. “Right now there’s a program in place in Palm Beach County, FL where even if the assistant state attorney thinks the person is guilty of DUI there may be an opportunity for the driver to agree to a guilty plea for “reckless driving,” which is a lesser charge,” Stine says.

“After an arrest for DUI an experienced DUI defense lawyer can review the case and reach out to the assistant state attorney, who will file the charges and try to get the DUI charges down to reckless driving. That would prevent the adjudication of a guilty finding for a DUI charge, saving the driver financial penalties and a lifetime of consequences,” says Stine.

If you or a loved one has been arrested in Florida for driving under the influence and can’t afford the consequences of a conviction, Andrew Stine can help protect your rights with his knowledge,

experience and passion to protect people from unwarranted criminal charges. Contact his office today-561-880-4300.  Remember Call Stine or do the time!

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