5 Tips for Your Software Developer Nondisclosure Agreement

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If you’re developing an application, you can benefit from having a signed software developer nondisclosure agreement (NDA) when dealing with clients and competitors.

For example, in a recent lawsuit, a software developer claimed that its rival engaged in misconduct, including breach of a nondisclosure agreement. The jury agreed and awarded almost $44 million.

Of course, any NDA is only as good as the person signing it. If you’re dealing with someone dishonest (and why are you?), you should expect there will be a breach of any agreements you reach. In other words, due diligence is key before entrusting anyone with information that needs to be protected by a confidentiality or nondisclosure agreement.

When you’re ready to proceed, don’t try to put together the NDA without the help of an experienced software lawyer if you want the agreement to be enforceable.

Important Issues to Discuss with Your Software Lawyer

When talking with your software lawyer, here are issues to consider for your agreement (there will be others too):

Choice of Law. What law will govern the NDA if there’s a dispute? 
Attorneys’ Fees. If there’s a dispute, is each party responsible for his own legal fees or do you want a “loser pays” provision?

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