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Recently, Yahoo! Travel released a report concerning car crash related deaths for all 50 states in the U.S.

Fort Worth car wreck lawyer 1800 Car Wreck discusses new data that shows how the state measures up to the rest of the country when it comes to traffic related deaths.

Source: Thrillist Report “Buckle Up: All 50 States, Ranked by How Likely You Are to Die in a Car Accident”

“Everyone knows driving is dangerous, if not from the gory low-budget movies they showed in drivers ed, then from the incessant phone calls you got from your parents the moment you turned 16. But just how dangerous, exactly? Turns out it varies wildly, depending on where you live…To get an overarching look at how deadly the roads are in all 50 states, plus D.C., we combined government data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Federal Highway Administration.”

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According to the report, Texas ranks 18th on the list of U.S. states positioned according to their population’s probability of being involved in a fatal car accident. The state’s population of 26,448,193 people has a 1 in 3,586 chance of being involved in a fatal crash. Texas has more than 330,000 miles of roads. In 2013, a reported 3,382 traffic crash deaths occurred in the state.

Fatal Car Crashes in Fort Worth, Texas

Among the high number of traffic fatalities that occur in Texas each year, a significant percentage take place on Dallas, Fort Worth area roads, many of which are reported in the media. In one of the areas’ most shocking crashes reported so far this year, five people were killed.

Source: Star-Telegram Report “Victims in 5-fatality Fort Worth crash had just left engagement party”

“FORT WORTH – One of the victims of a fiery crash in Fort Worth on Sunday was headed home from an engagement party with her fiancé when an 18-wheeler hit her and others standing in the road trying to help the victim of an earlier crash, police said Sunday.

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Says Fort Worth personal injury attorney Amy Witherite of the Eberstein Witherite LLP law firm “the statistics are astounding when it comes to the total number of Dallas-Fort Worth car crash cases we have brought to us, which don’t even account for the broader total of how many actually occur.” The attorney’s firm handles cases throughout the state of Texas, but says “many of the cases our firm takes on are heavily concentrated in Dallas and surrounding areas like Fort Worth.” So much so that the firm expanded its practice to include a Fort Worth based office to cater to the needs of individuals in the area.

Legal Help for Fatal Traffic Crash Victims

Families who have lost loved ones in a fatal traffic crash are often placed in a tough financial predicament due to issues like unwarranted medical costs, funeral expenses, and loss of support. Texas personal injury laws are designed to help those in this predicament recover related damages in the event that their loved one’s crash related death was instigated by the negligent or wrongful actions of another.

Those who have questions about what legal options are available to them can contact a personal injury lawyer in their area who can give them an assessment based on the unique aspects of their specific case.

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