Decking the Halls . . . At Work?

11/29/2015 // Dallas, Texas, United States // Attorney Keith Clouse // Keith Clouse // (press release)

Dallas employment lawyer Keith Clouse assists companies with employment-related matters, including discrimination lawsuits. He also advises clients on policy matters and situation-specific issues to help his clients avert legal problems. Common issues that arise this time of year relate to holidays and holiday celebrations at work. Many companies like to start the holiday season by decorating for Christmas. A small business may put a Christmas tree in its lobby or hang a wreath on its door. Other business may truly “deck the halls” and incorporate lights, miniature train displays, and multiple trees in their décor.

Are these decorations acceptable? Yes. An employer may display such secular decorations. That said, an employer should stay with secular themes and avoid overtly religious décor, such as nativity scenes. If an employer allows its employees to decorate their own workspaces, the employer may need to consider setting guidelines for doing so. Most employee-provided decorations will be acceptable, but an employer should ensure that no employee puts up décor that offends other employees or makes them feel uncomfortable.  

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