Philadelphia Car Accident Attorney Rand Spear When Hiring a Lawyer

Philadelphia Car Accident Attorney Rand Spear When Hiring a Lawyer


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Philadelphia Car Accident Attorney Rand Spear Answers – When Hiring a Lawyer


Philadelphia based auto accident attorney, Rand Spear, enumerates the important questions car accident victims should ask their lawyers before signing up a contract to get legal representation for their case.


Philadelphia – In an over 5-minute Google Hangout interview, Rand Spear carefully laid out the details on what accident victims need to do if they are looking for the right lawyer to handle their case.  The very first aspect he discussed is the most important question an injured victim should ask an attorney during their free consultation.


Rand Spear advised that injured victims should ask lawyers how long they’ve been practicing in their field and what particular way they have handled cases related to theirs.

These questions are important to determine how good and well-experienced a lawyer is in litigating personal injury cases.


The next thing car accident victims should ask is the potential of their case.  This can include questions such as:


·         What are the possible outcomes of my case?

·         What are my non-legal or legal options to solve it?

·         How long would it take to solve my case?

·         Would you represent me in court or plan to settle it outside?


Rand Spear reminds injured victims and their loved ones that they should gain a full understanding of the overall circumstances of their case before doing any further dealings with a potential lawyer.


The next important question being highlighted during the course of the interview was regarding the fees auto accident lawyers may charge to injured victims.  Rand Spear clarified in details how attorney fees are being arranged.


“Different firms charge different fees.  Some fees are based on an hourly basis.  Most firms charge with what we call the contingency agreement, meaning the fee is contingent upon winning the case.  And that’s essentially how I get paid.  If I win, I get paid.  If I don’t win, I don’t get paid. “


Rand Spear discussed further that even the cost of the legal process is contingent.

“Even with the cost.  We layout the cost.  If we win, we get the cost back.  If we don’t win, the client doesn’t owe us anything.”


Rand Spear also explained why it is important to ask a potential lawyer the specific people who will be working the injured victim’s case and why it is necessary to know the information of their law firm’s staff.


“I think you should know upfront what’s involved.  My office, for example, you’ll be able to speak with me.  You’ll be able to speak with the lawyers who work for me.  You’ll be able to speak with the paralegals.  We have a large staff that work as a team.  We are known as team Spear.  If you’ll retain us, you’ll get the power of the whole firm behind you.”


At the end of the interview, Rand Spear provided a quick preview detailing the step by step process on how his firm accommodate and help car accident victims file a personal injury lawsuit.


1.       The lawyers speak with the client very shortly after the accident.

2.       The lawyers review the facts of the case.

3.       The law firm makes sure to assist the clients in any way possible and answer all their questions.

4.       The client should sign a contingency fee agreement.

5.       The lawyers would go over with the clients the facts of the case, what’s involved, how long would it take, what possible outcomes are, and where they most likely be filing the lawsuit.


Rand Spear shared that they wanted their clients to be informed and know exactly what’s happening.


“When a client comes to us and signs up with us at the inclusion of the first meeting, they have a good idea on what’s involved and what’s going to happen.  So, there’s no surprises along the way.” Rand Spear concluded.

About Rand Spear

Attorney Rand Spear is a highly reputable Philadelphia car accident lawyer who have been helping personal injury victims for over 25 years both in and out of court.  Along with his team of seasoned car accident attorneys, he strives to collect every dollar and benefit his clients deserve.


Those who have a case in Pennsylvania or New Jersey related to any accident or injury, are encouraged to call Rand Spear at 888-373-4LAW or visit his website at



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