New York aviation lawyer discusses Plane Fire at Fort Lauderdale Airport

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New Details Unveiled During NTSB Investigation of Fort Lauderdale Airport Fire

The National Transportation Safety Board has begun an investigation into the circumstances of a plane fire at the Fort Lauderdale International Airport. According to New York based aviation attorney Jonathan C. Reiter of the Jonathan C. Reiter Law Firm, PLLC, media reports say that new details have emerged amid the launch of the investigation.


Source: Good Morning America Report “New Details Emerge of Plane Fire at Fort Lauderdale Airport as NTSB Launches Investigation”


“As the National Transportation Safety Board investigates what caused a Dynamic Airways jet to catch fire at Fort Lauderdale International Airport, airport officials are releasing new details about the Florida taxiway blaze that left about 20 people injured… The plane, a Boeing 767 bound for Caracas, Venezuela, caught fire on Thursday while taxiing for departure, according to the Federal Aviation Administration.”


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In a recording of an audio conversation between the pilots and control tower a pilot can be heard saying “Hey, uh, Dynamic is, out of the left engine, it looks like it’s leaking a lot of — I don’t know if it’s fuel, it’s fluid leaking out of the live engine” and moments later “Engine’s on fire! Engine’s on fire!”


Officials at the airport have said that it has been determined that an estimated 45 to 50 gallons of fuel were leaked on the taxiway; but asserted none had appeared to have leaked onto the runway. The airport director stated at a news conference that the airport was in the process of making needed repairs to the taxiway.


The incident occurred while the plane was taxiing for departure. Of the 101 people aboard the Dynamic Airways flight a reported 21 sustained injuries.


What Investigations May Reveal After Incidents That Put Airplane Passengers at Risk


Attorney Jonathan C. Reiter, who has handled numerous high profile aviation accident cases and frequently offers commentary on related legal matters, stated in a past interview of the duty of airlines when it comes to aircraft safety, “From a legal standpoint…the airlines have an obligation to protect the lives of their passengers, and if something goes wrong it’s their burden to show that they did do everything to protect the lives of their passengers, and that they did not take unnecessary risks.”


However in many cases, findings by agencies like the NTSB show errors on the part of airlines such as inadequate maintenance, flawed safety protocol, and other issues that contributed to the injuries of passengers. Says the New York attorney “these investigations typically warrant the involvement of multiple entities because of the complexities involved in examining all possible factors that may have played a role in causing an accident.”


Airport Director Kent George said during a news conference that the completion of the NTSB investigation would take time. The investigation also reportedly involves the Federal Aviation Administration, Dynamic Airways, Boeing, and Pratt & Whitney, the engine maker.


Dynamic Airways is a relatively new airline that has been in operation for six years. It has six Boeing 767s in operation.


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