14 Things You Need in a Software Consulting Agreement

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If you’re retaining a software consultant for your business, you’ll want to have a written software consulting agreement in place to protect your legal rights while minimizing the risk there will be misunderstandings about what your consultant must do for your company.

So, what should your software lawyer include in your software consulting agreement?

Although the terms of each software consulting agreement may vary depending upon the project, here are some key issues you’ll want to address.

  1. Your Consultant’s Duties. These often are included in the contract under a section titled “Scope of Work” or “Statement of Work.”
  2. Performance Standards. What standards must your consultant meet both for rendering services and providing deliverables?
  3. Fees and Expenses. How much will you pay your software consultant? Will you reimburse expenses? If so, which expenses and what documentation must be supplied in order for reimbursement to occur? When and how are payments made? Are payments triggered by achievement of certain project milestones? If so, what are those milestones?
  4. Intellectual Property Ownership. Who owns the intellectual property created or used during the project? Will there be IP licensing involved? If so, what type of license will be granted?

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