Four killed, several more people injured in Oklahoma parade crash

11/01/2015 // JusticeNewsFlash // (press release)

Oklahoma  – A crash at the Oklahoma State homecoming parade led to the deaths of four people and caused more than 30 others to become injured. As reported by Yahoo! Sports, 25-year-old Adacia Chambers has been arrested on suspicion of DUI after driving her car into a crowd on the parade route.


The crash occurred in Stillwater, Oklahoma around 10:30 a.m. prior to the university’s homecoming game against Kansas, which kicked off at 2:30 that afternoon. Oklahoma State’s president said to reporters of the decision to allow the game to go on in spite of the tragedy “We're going to play and we're going to remember the victims.”


The flags at T. Boone Pickens Stadium were flown half-staff and a moment of silence was observed before the game.


Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin is quoted as stating via the Oklahoman “I think it is important for Oklahomans to be able to support each other, especially when our hearts are broken and we're hurting… This is one of the ways we can be together and support each other during that time.”


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Source: Yahoo! Sports News Story–multiple-dead-after-car-crashes-into-oklahoma-state-homecoming-parade-171545917.html

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