Texas Truck Accident Attorney Reports 18-Wheeler Accident Causes Fire

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Texas 18-wheeler accident lawyer reports on a fiery truck accident near San Antonio.

Recently, a fiery truck crash in Texas resulted in unexpected consequences.


Texas truck accident attorney Amy Witherite of Eberstein Witherite LLP reports the crash near San Antonio resulted in tons of ham that was being transported by the tractor-trailer getting cooked by the fire on the side of the road. News reports also say that the driver of the inflamed truck did not sustain serious injuries in the crash.


Source: My San Antonio Report “Unintended pork roast when truck wrecks near San Antonio”


“BOERNE, Texas (AP) — A fiery truck accident in South Texas has destroyed about 20 tons of ham in an unintended pork roast along the side of a road…Authorities say the accident happened Sunday night near Boerne (BER’-nee), about 25 miles northwest of San Antonio. The driver of the 18-wheeler was not hurt.


To read more visit http://www.mysanantonio.com/news/texas/article/Unintended-pork-roast-when-truck-wrecks-near-San-6475792.php.


Early investigations indicate that a possible tire blowout led to the big rig catching fire. According to authorities, the truck driver attempted to put out the flames with a fire extinguisher after pulling the vehicle over, but the fire grew worse.


Road Hazards Caused by Commercial Trucks


Says Texas truck wreck lawyer Witherite, “hundreds of commercial truck wrecks occur each year that result in massive load spills and pose a great threat to the driving public.” Another recent example is a major chemical spill on U.S. Highway 287 involving an overturned truck that resulted in a stretch of the highway being closed.


Source: Amarillo-Globe News Report “Insurance concerns slow 287 cleanup”


“A stretch of U.S. Highway 287 between Memphis and Childress is expected to remain closed for a fourth day today due to a chemical spill from an overturned truck…Texas Department of Transportation Childress spokeswoman Barbara Seal said Thursday she did not know when the highway, which handles about 9,000 vehicles daily, would reopen because cleanup crews remained in Hall County removing contaminated soil.”


To read more visit http://amarillo.com/news/local-news/2015-09-03/us-highway-287-still-closed-chemical-spill-clean.


The overturned tractor-trailer spilled a reported 2,640 gallons of a chemical mixture on the ground. David Prescott, president of Talon/LPE, which is the environmental firm based in Amarillo that was called in to handle cleanup of the hazardous spill, said of the accident “I have not seen an incident like this on a major highway in 17, 18 years.”


Witherite says that when semi truck accidents like these occur, there are risks to those involved in the accident directly, as well as risks posed to others who just may be passing by. The attorney says “it can take responders several minutes or more to get to a scene and put up necessary roadblocks so that other drivers that may happen upon the scene are not placed in danger.” She says that particularly in cases of fires like that caused by the aforementioned 18-wheeler accident, “flames can engulf a vehicle in seconds, leaving those around with little to no time to get themselves out of harm’s way.”


For Those Involved in Texas Truck Accidents Involving Load Spills and Other Hazards


Individuals who have been involved in a commercial truck accident in Texas, and left with damages as a result of a major truck load spill or other related road hazard can consult with a Texas personal injury lawyer to get an assessment of their legal options for moving forward.


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