Federal Government Considers Mandating Speed Limiters on Commercial Trucks

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Texas truck accident lawyer discusses a DOT proposal that requires the use of speed limiters on trucks weighing more than 27,000 pounds.


The Department of Transportation has sent a proposal mandating the use of speed limiters (also referred to as governors) on all trucks that weigh more than 27,000 pounds to the White House’s Office of Management and Budget. The rule is a joint proposal by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The latest rulemakings report by the Department of Transportation projects that the rule will receive clearance by the OMB mid-August.


Source: CC Digital Report “Rule to mandate speed limiters for heavy trucks sent to White House for approval”


“The rule likely would go into effect two years following publication of the Final Rule…NHTSA and FMCSA began work on the speed limiter mandate following a successful petition from the American Trucking Associations and Roadsafe America.”


To read more visit http://www.ccjdigital.com/rule-to-mandate-speed-limiters-for-heavy-trucks-sent-to-white-house-for-approval/.


Some transportation safety advocates believe that the mandate will help reduce the number of crashes involving commercial trucks on the nation’s highways. Prior research indicates this is achievable with the implementation of such a measure.


Source – The Trucker Report “Speed limiter report: Trucks with devices had 50% lower ‘speed-limiter relevant’ crash rate”


“WASHINGTON — A report detailing research on the safety impact of speed limiters device installations on commercial motor vehicles shows that trucks equipped with speed limiters had a 50 percent lower speed limiter-relevant crash rate compared to trucks without speed limiters.”


To read more visit http://www.thetrucker.com/News/Stories/2012/3/27/SpeedlimiterreportTruckswithdeviceshad50lowerspeed-limiterrelevantcrashrate.aspx.


Over an estimated fatal 1,000 crashes would be eliminated by the rule some transportation advocates say.


Opposing Views?


Some remain skeptical about whether the mandate will actually be welcomed by the trucking industry. Texas based truck accident lawyer Amy Witherite of the Eberstein Witherite LLP firm suggests that a number of truckers may already be searching for devices to help them bypass speed limiters. Says the attorney “I’ve seen programming tools made available for sale online that enable truck drivers to adjust speed limiting devices from inside of their cab.” Related terms are popular search items says the attorney, which raises questions about who it is primarily conducting these types of searches and why.


Evidence to support the notion that speed limiters may not be so widely well received within the industry are claims made earlier this year by the Owner Operator Independent Drivers Association suggesting uniform speeds for truckers and passenger vehicle drivers are a safer option.


OOIDA Executive Vice President Todd Spencer wrote a letter to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration stating “OOIDA writes to ensure that you and [the Office of Management and Budget] understand that when cars and trucks operate at different speeds on the highway, there is a significant negative impact on safety… Traffic is more dynamic and less predictable. Accidents increase. Your agencies must ensure you do not produce a mandate that will arbitrarily add dangerous car-truck speed differentials to our nation’s highways.”


The Big Picture Impact on Truck Safety


Time will tell what the overall impact of the new rule if approved will be. Witherite says of the measure “there appears to be more evidence to show it will help protect the lives of so many drivers and riders of passenger vehicles that are placed at risk of truck drivers who negligently speed than not.”


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