Five Common Challenges Faced By Crash Victims in 18-Wheeler Accident Claims

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Thousands of 18-wheeler crashes occur each year with many resulting in fatalities. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration released data in June showing that in 2013, approximately 95,000 people were injured in accidents involving large trucks.


Source: NHTSA Traffic Safety Facts 2013 Data


“In 2013, there were 3,964 people killed and an estimated 95,000 people injured in crashes involving large trucks. In the United States, an estimated 342,000 large trucks were involved in police-reported traffic crashes during 2013.”


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Texas based personal injury attorney Amy Witherite, says that in a number of these accidents victims may have significant damages that warrant filing a personal injury claim, but are hesitant due to related challenges. Says Witherite “some 18-wheeler accident victims are tricked by trucking companies into believing that they don’t have a fair shot at winning a case.”


According to Witherite there are five major strategies used by defendants in these matters that truck accident victims should be aware of. These are:


  • Accusing victims of being negligent – “Some trucking companies try to shun responsibility by accusing victims of some type of wrongdoing,” says Witherite. This tactic has long been used by defendants who don’t believe victims can afford quality legal representation for investigating the circumstances of a crash thoroughly.

  • Attempting to fool victims into accepting quick settlements that may not be fair – In many cases before all expenses for damages like long term medical care are properly tallied, trucking companies attempt to get injured accident victims to take a quick settlement to avoid paying more in the long run.

  • Delaying communication or claim settlement offers – Some attempt to delay their responses to claims in an effort to control the process and intimidate claimants into feelings powerless.

  • Paying top dollar for attorneys and claims adjusters – One of the biggest bullying tactics used by defendants in these cases is paying for expensive attorneys and claims adjusters to make plaintiffs feel they don’t stand a chance winning against the high powered legal team they have put into place.

  • Hiding or doctoring documents that show whether or not they have met regulatory safety requirements and other evidence – Some trucking companies unfortunately use dirty tactics like trying to hide evidence in order to avoid taking responsibility for damages they may owe plaintiffs after an accident.


The Texas lawyer says that for many injured accident victims unforeseen circumstances arise that leave them with questions about how to best move forward in pursuing compensation for damages. Says Witherite “When plaintiffs have unresolved damages in a truck accident case there are legal options available for moving forward with a claim no matter the circumstances or tactics used by defendants to persuade them that they don’t.”


According to Witherite, it is important that injured truck crash victims, or their loved ones in the event of a wrongful death, seek the right legal counsel to work with them in getting the compensation they deserve. Says the attorney “relying on the queues of truck drivers or trucking companies who may be responsible for paying them a large monetary sum for damages will not yield the outcome one is seeking. It is important for victims to have their own legal support to protect their interests, and their interests alone.”


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